Yasawa I Rara Island

Isle of Yasawa I Rara

The Yasawa I Rara is a remote village in the northern part of the Yasawa Islands in western Fiji. Home of Tui Yasawa, the Paramount Chief of the Yasawa Islands, is in Yasawa-i-Rara, on Yasawa Island, but the largest village is Nabukeru. Weather forecast for Yasawa-Rara Island, Fiji Islands with temperature, wind speed, rain, clouds, humidity, pressure and more. This is how Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama describes the resilience of the cyclone-powered population of Yasawa-i-Rara. Search and buy tour and activity maps for Yasawa-i-Rara, Fiji and more.

I Yasawa Rara

The Yasawa I Rara is a secluded town in the north of the Yasawa Isles in the west of Fiji. It has two small islets, Yalewakalou and Yawini Ciri, with a total area of 1.8 sqm. It also has access to 80 km2 (51,200 acres) of fisheries around these isles.

Recently, a $700,000 alien business man volunteered to buy one of the isles. The parish centre is finished and was inaugurated during the Fiji mission in June 2003. Nov 2003 - The parish centre is finished and was inaugurated during the Fiji mission in June 2003.

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The Yasawa is the principal island of the Yasawa Group, an island in the northwest of Fiji. Known for their fine whitewashed sandbeach, luxuriant rainforest and stunning island overlooks. The island of Yasawa has only one single residence that provides a wide range of outdoor pursuits such as picnic or swim on one of the 14 secluded shores, cruise by boat or boat, visit to the village, play golf or go angling.

It is also possible to rent a yacht to Nanuya Levu, where the bays and caverns became popular in the classical film The Blue Lagoon. Harbour Location - Yasawa Island has its own moorings for yachts. Awesome Adventures Fiji offers the Yasawa Flyer as your main transportation to and through the Yasawa Islands from Nadi.

Turtle Airways is another means of transport offering cheap air fares to the Yasawas. The flight goes every day to the Yasawas, whereby the drive from Nadi takes 35 mins.

Fiji Resort Turtle Island, Yasawa-i-Rara

The Turtle Island is a 500 acres private island on the Yasawa Islands. The Evanson familiy has been running a low-density, sustainably managed health spa since 1980 that offers an adventure that makes the most of the local people. Contrary to other destinations, we want our clients to get to know our Fijians in person, like the rest of the team.

Every evening group dinners take place at different places on the island, where visitors can spend long periods of time with newly made mates. It is truly an affectionate and profoundly profound Fiji cultural experiences. Offering secluded beach mansions, two person picnic, cosy, moonlit restaurants and a range of secluded beach to explor.

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