Yasawa Flyer Pass

The Yasawa Flyer Pass

Climb aboard the Yasawa flyer and visit the famous Yasawa and Manamuca Islands in Fiji. It' a different kind of travel with the Yasawa Flyer's amazing Bula Pass. The Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands Hop-On Hop-Off Pass. The Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands Hop-On Hop-Off Pass. Prepaid Bula Combo Pass includes boat transfer and accommodation on the island.

Yasawa Islands - Bula Pass

Hop aboard the Yasawa Flyer and discover the islands with pre-paid ship transfer. See the location on page 3 for a complete listing of all Yasawa and select Mamanuca Islands destinations you can see. The passport is activate on the first flight and will remain in effect until the last flight - this information will be displayed on your passport.

What kind of islands will you be falling in love with? For a little research, visit our Fiji Islands Escapes pages to learn more about each of our destinations, or take a look at our fast links. Bluapass notes: Reservations are dependent on uptime and some destinations are very common, so if you want to be sure that you can spend the night in certain destinations, it is best to schedule a little further in advance!

You can make all your reservations at the travel desk on the Yasawa Flyer. We have a 2 nights min. staying at each of the resorts. Please contact us at least 24 hrs before you start your adventures, so that we can book a place on the flyer for you.

You must book your place for the evening before leaving the boat. You can make all your reservations at the Yasawa Flyer on board the Yasawa flyer. There is an on-line administrative charge of 3% for all reservations.

Yasawa Combo Pass - Yasawa Islands

Extending the Bula Pass, the Combo Pass offers you an easy way to cover your lodging, transfer and meal costs, unless this is determined before you leave the continent. Accepting the Bula Combo Pass features are shown below (see site mapping on page 3). A number of estates are favoured, so please book a little ahead, most of them have a minimum of 2 nights' sojourn.

Combo Combo Pass Sheet Music: Passports are 5 to 15 day and can be used for voyages on South Sea Island Sea and Treasure (Beachcomber & South Sea Islands only) voyages and Awesome Adventures' ships to Mamanucas and Yasawas for hop between resort trips for the specified number of nights.

The passport is active on the first flight and will be active for the duration indicated on your passport. You will be billed the standard ticket price for the trip if you are still traveling outside the date of your passport. While all trips are fully prepaid, all bookings must be made at least 24 hrs before departure.

Disembarking is only possible if you have a current overnight gift certificate for the area. When you travel with the Bula Combo Pass, it is sometimes possible to sleep in a different room or in a different area. All changes must be made with the Awesome Team on board the Yasawa Flyer and extra charges are made.

Upon your returning to Denarau, your passport will become void for further use. All passports used by a third party other than the holder whose name is on the passport will be forfeit.

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