Yasala Island

Island Yasala

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Aegean Gulf ports of Fanning Island Swaziland. When they find her on an island, they meet a dinosaur.

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In a Fiji holiday village in Denarau, Nadi or on the coast of Fiji, you should discover the beauties of Fiji by boat on our Fiji Island daytrip to Tivua Island. Surrounded by a 500 hectare living and beautiful reef gardens, Tivua is a small gem of the Mamanuca Islands, where you will be able to enjoy the traditions of Fiji cuisine.

As you are there, you will also see the tranquil scenery. Offering a variety of birds and turtles for the season, we take you snorkeling and scuba-dive around Tivua to see the crystalline seas and beautiful marine wildlife. You will see giant hibiscus flower orchards on the island, stroll along the slippery beach promenade and enjoy the magnificent views of the seas.

If you prefer to spend the rest of the night enjoying a massage on the shore, eating and drinking, enjoying relaxed bottomed boating and the Senekai Days Spa as well. Inquire about our great Tivua Island Cruise Discounts for your Tivua Island Holiday Cruise - and we'll keep your children busy while you unwind for the rest of the year.

It is not necessary for a parent to blame himself or herself for a luxury bathing in the sea - because they know that their children have a lot of fun and are well catered for. Combination of Tivua Island Day Cruise with Sunset Dinner Cruise and saves 25% on the cheaper one. You can book the cruise open and on different dates.

There are 2 privately owned bureans with en-suite bathroom and double beds on the island. A lot of folks are dreaming of making their vow somewhere as nice as Fiji, but with Captain Cook Fiji your fantasies can come true. I do' under the palms on a clean sand and party with your loved ones on one of our romantically designed boats.

Astonish your loved one today with a wedding proposition on the shore. Imagine the two of you walking along the shore to the soft sound of a sand tunnel. While exploring the island, you come across a "message in a bottle" on the water's edge............ While your dear one is reading the slogan "Will you do it! ", you are offering the ring and presenting it on your bent knees........

If so, enjoy your dinner with a glass of champagne in a privately owned and romantically decorated Boer. Get away to your own Fijian paradise with a Senikai Spa session on a Tivua Island sands. "This is our twelfth ocean voyage, mostly on big ships, and to be perfectly frank, it's the most enjoyable we've ever had.

It is our pleasure that he has been to visit us many a time and we are hoping for another captain-cooking-flight. Are you prepared to explore the best of it?

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