Wooden man Figure

Holzmann figure

Special feature: Flexible wooden doll stand for the desk. A flexible design, can make many poses, such as greeting, running, running, etc. This word comes from the Middle Dutch, where it was called manikin or little man. A carved wooden figure of a man in a loincloth sitting cross-legged with his head in his hands. The Wing Chun Kung Fu expert William Cheung in action with a wooden doll.

Wood Figurines Garden Ornaments

SEE THE ONLY WOODEN MEN'S HANGER THERE IS. SUSPENSION CART IN THE IMAGE FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY. WITH A WOODEN BASE TO KEEP THE SUN AWAY FROM HIS FACE. Man standing up plant pots with small wooden planters - Including sunlight. Standup man plant pots with jar B 40 cm W 54 cm -Including sun lamp. 47,00 ?.

Wooden flower pot man (person) for your yard. Removable flower pot in sleeves can be stuffed with bird seed or small beads.

Twenty cm wooden doll figures model construction sketch cartoon

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