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Auckland Island Winery

Auckland Wineries & Vineyards: The Tantalus Estate Vineyard & Waiheke Island Winery. Employed at Sloan Viticulture, Waiheke Island, Auckland/Northland. Waiheke Island Winery Lunch and Auckland Helicopter Tour. Auckland, New Zealand.

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Auckland has three different geographical areas and around 100 vineyards. Wealthy, mature grapes include ripened grapefruit, sausage, grapefruit, wild berries, grapefruit, Cabernetauvignon, Syrah and fresh, fruitful grapefruit, as well as grapefruit, auckland' s home and thriving in its lush volcanoes. Waiheke Island, one of the most exquisite and stunning wine-growing areas in the word, is just a brief drive by boat from downtown.

Small in scale, this island jewel is ideal for a full days out or a week-end outing. Choose a vineyard excursion or cycle around the region's estates on your own. The majority of estates and vines have cellars with cafés or local inns. You can often encounter the winegrowers and discover the history of the wines you try - a very unique time.

The numerous vineyards include the Provençal clay brick with continuous vistas of Rangitoto Island in Waitemata harbour and the opportunity to see the townscape of Auckland from a distance. One O' Was, on the opposite side of the Fährterminals, is a short walk, but the relaxing environment and the great wine make the journey worthwhile.

A further island jewel is the Passage Rock with the multi award-winning Syrah. Auckland' s oldest winegrowing area, some Kumeu vineyards can look back to the 1930' s when the Croats established themselves here. It has a hot coastline that offers perfect viticultural opportunities and the local vineyards are recognized on a regular basis on a worldwide rig.

Matakana lies about an hours northern of the town centre with its many vineyards in the middle of the hill. Indulge in a relaxing culinary luncheon in a vineyards and wine growers who conquer the moist and mild climates of the area to create good full-bodied and structured wine. The Ascension Wine Estate takes you to Tuscany.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind blend of fine arts and wines on the Brick Bay Boutique's sculpted path through the local countryside. The Mahurangi River Winery, Heron's Flight Wineyard, Runner Duck, Omaha Bay Wineyard and Ransoms are among the most sought after vineyards in the area. An itinerary is a good way to discover the vineyards of this area.

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