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Are the winters a good season to go to Hawaii? Nice blossom of ibiscus on a Januaryay in Hawaii. Sometimes I see and listen to folks ask if winters are a good or a poor period to go to Hawaii. I have been lucky enough to visit Hawaii in all four of the four seas and every weather is great - even in winters. These are three good reason why winters are a good period to visit Hawaii.

Much of Hawaii can be a great exodus in wintry conditions, especially if you are living in a cool environment. I was in Hawaii during the coldest winters of January and February and was enjoying the hot and sunny days of Hawaii. Let us take Waikiki and Honolulu as a good, central example and consider their January average temperatures.

Pro weather.com, Waikiki's maximum daytime mean January is 80ºF. Now Waikikiki?s January nights are getting a little "cooler", if you want to call 66ºF "cooler". When there is a "disadvantage" of the Hawaiian wintry climate, it is that the island gets more precipitation in winters than in summers.

In Hawaii, showers are usually short-lived. A very interesting sample for Hawaiian rains is that most rainfall occurs over night. It' d be uncommon to have two or three full working nights of it. Think only of this heightened probability of rain as an increase in your possibilities of looking at rainbows and waterfalls.

Have a look at our Hawaii Water Poles to find out more. Many microclimates exist in Hawaii and some areas get significantly less precipitation. So if you go to Hawaii in summer, you should take a look at my advice where to spend the night in Hawaii to prevent rains. For more information about the Hawaiians, see our Hawaii Meteorological Guides.

Big wave's visit to WinterHawaii's winters is bringing monstrous surges. I don't know what I mean by freak wave. It' 20 feet and higher. Oahu's North Shore is the place to see these huge swells and see experienced and pros surfing their way through these mighty power.

Usually the big snowstorms come from the northern hemisphere. Most northern parts of the Hawaii islands will bring down the northwaves. In Maui, "Jaws" in Peahi is a place where you can observe big worrishi. There are also big surges on the northern bank of Kauai. At Oahu, if you tim your visit right, you can see even the most prestigeous surf contests in the worid, Vans Triple Crown of Soccer.

Every winters four to six thousand humpbacks move to the safe water of Hawaii to breed and give birth. Humpbacks are the most common species in the world. You have the opportunity to watch unbelievable ripples and humpbacks in hot tropic conditions in overwinter. Wouldn't you say it'?s a good season to go to Hawaii?

Were you in Hawaii in the cold? See also our best month Hawaii visit story.

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