Who Owns Yasawa Island Resort

The Yasawa Island Resort. Who owns it?

DON'T TRUST THE OWNER OF THIS RESORT! The Yasawa Island Resort And Spa remains positive despite low occupancy. He and his co-owner and resort manager Sheung gave presents to the children. There are special offers on the Yasawa Islands. There are no public restaurants on the Yasawa Islands except the Travelers Tea House.

BE CAREFUL OF THE WAY THE OWNER HANDLES IT. - Flash back to Yasawa Island Resort and Spa, Yasawa Island, Fiji

In July 2013 we went to Yasawa Island Resort & Spa for our honeymoon. Awaiting a 5 star, luxury, exclusive resort (via website), we were profoundly disillusioned on our return. We were completely misdirected about the Yasawa Island Resort's prize and promise. While the Yasawa Islands were pretty, untouched and secluded, the resort itself was run-down and more like a 3-star estate.

Not sure yet how YIR is rated as luxury. At ~$1000 US per overnight stay in a 5 star resort you can look forward to a certain level of standards. When we paid $6-700/night and the place was advertised as even a 4-star tenement, it would make more sense and I wouldn't be complaining about some of these things.

YIR, however, pledged to be an exquisite and luxury resort and demanded these prices so that we came as visitors with certain expectation. We also came from another resort in Fiji, where the estate, facilities and services were so much more beautiful and even a little less expensive. I' m only saying this because we know the finite nature of Fiji and Fiji time.

But not surprisingly, the real estate and the most important areas were beautiful, no wow-factors. Services were sub-standard, even for Fiji period, but the personnel was cute. He is allergic to foods, so we'll let the resort know in advance. Overnight in a luxury burea on the beach of YIR, which was not at all luxury.

Yes, it was roomy, but it lacked all the quality of a high-end resort: - Sheets were not refilled every single second. Since you are on the shore, you can follow in the sandy sea no matter how cautious you are, and I was expecting you to have that comfort. Most of the beaches directly in front of the river Boures have formed corals, so that you can't just go into the "crystal clear water".

It was a fantastic experience (the best one is the Champaign beach) and we would strongly advise it! We' re not scuba diving or big activists, so lazing on the shore was just great. But that'?s not why you go on the personal shore pick nick.

So I would suggest Yasawa Island Resort IF you are not looking for luxurious accommodation, but pay 5 star resort rates and want privacy. If you picnic on the shore, you will see some nice sandy spots and some of the island as they take you on their speedboats.

Wish I had been better spiritually ready for what awaits me at YIR. But the remoteness and the beach help to alleviate the impact and all in all we had a great tim.

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