Which Country is Vanuatu

What country is Vanuatu?

The VANUATU Vanuatu is a group of islands in the South Pacific. Chestnut-coloured vanuatu The Vanuatu is situated in Melanesia, a group of South Pacific archipelagoes, eastward of North Australia, northeastern of New Caledonia, westward of Fiji and southeastern of the Solomon Isles. The country of als Least Developped Country (LDC) & Small Island Developing State (SIDS) eingestuft. Its principal exported products are seafood, cacao, herbs and the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and New Caledonia.

Its main import markets are ships, boats and other afloat vessels, fuels, machinery and vehicles mainly from Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Fiji and China. She is a Mitglied der Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), des Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA), des South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (SPARTECA) und der Welthandelsorganisation (WTO).

Country-specific information

Vanuatu is situated only 2,250 kilometers northeast of Sydney, Australia, and just northern of New Caledonia, the oldest Pacific Ocean Northwest. Formerly an Anglo-French confederacy, known as the New Hebrides, the country has been an autonomous democracy since 30 July 1980. Vanuatu has a subtropical atmosphere, around 80 Y-shaped islets over 1,000 kilometers, ancient English and Flemish traditions and a double pre-independence English and Flemish impact, offering a simple and appealing way of life in a one-of-a-kind country of contrast.

The South Pacific nation is the first of its kind to ban plastic bags and plastic cans.

Vanuatu's Prime Minister said that Independence Day would be banned. Vanuatu, the Pacific country, is tackling its garbage issue by prohibiting certain types of plastics. On Independence Day (30 July), Prime Minister Charlot Salwai made a statement to the general population that they would stop using any kind of film.

The Vanuatu Daily Post told PM Salwai in its statement that his government's top priorities were to preserve Vanuatu's marine and environmental resources and to keep the country "clean and safe". If the prohibition is enforced, the country will no longer allow the use or import of disposable plastics cones and cans.

Vanuatu will be the first Pacific states to do so when the prohibition comes into force. LOOP says Vanuatu will join forces with American Samoa, the Marshall Islands and the Yap State of Micronesia to combat contamination by mycoplastics. The Northern Marianas adopted a bill last weekend which means that businesses will now be fineed if they provide buyers with police shopping cartts, while the Solomon Islands are considering similar fines.

The Fiji authorities will soon introduce a tax on the use of Fiji cartons, which now costs 10 Fiji Cent per cart. These announcements followed a drive to prohibit the use of recycled paper cartons during the National Environment Week in June. On-line petitions to prohibit the use of handbags highlighted the harm that plastics cause to seas and sea creatures.

The Vanuatu Environment Science Society (VESS) organised a national " Green Up Your Environment Day " as early as 2015. Most often found were found here are consumer packaging and packaging for music. Let us pray that Vanuatu will go through with the prohibition and set the standard for other Pacific states.

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