Which Country has first Sunrise in the World

What country has the first sunrise in the world?

It is very difficult and confusing to know which country has the first sunrise in the world. Display the map to see where the sun rises first in the world. Exactly where the sun rises in New Zealand is located is East Cape Mount Hikurangi, Gisborne District on the North Island, because it is the easternmost place in New Zealand that takes the first sunrise. (? nations), but it makes New Zealand the first country in the world to see the sun every day.

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The New Zealand has the oldest watch and the first sunrise is in Japan. What is it like (e.g. Tokyo 6am, Aukland 9am) and who has determined the precise timing differences between different states?

If New Zealand is a country in an ancient timezone, why is Japan's sunrise before New Zealand's sunrise? They may think that Japan is the first shire to see the star, although it probably is not. The country is known as the "Land of the Arising Sun" because of its geographic relation to China.

Long ago, a Japanese princely man wrote a deed to the Chinese king that he was "the country of the dawning sun". When you compare it to any other country in the world, Japan does not see the star first, only in relation to China.

Scientists are likely to say that the first sunshine comes in the south from October to March and the northern part from April to September. If it snows in the USA at Christmas during the "winter time", it is in the midst of sommer in Australia and New Zealand.

Well, given the geographical location of New Zealand and Japan, it is much more likely that New Zealand will almost always see the light before Japan does on a new date, although I'm not sure about that. Several places in the world (usually the Arctic and Southern Poles) do not even have sunrise or sundown at certain hours of the year because they see the star all the time (even if it is hardly on the horizon), and then other parts of the year NEVER see the same.

One good thing would be, which country sees the sundowner first on a new one? Due to the different times of year between the north and south hemisphere, this would be changed in the course of the year.

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