Where to Stay on Easter Island

Overnight stay on Easter Island

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Short instruction to Easter Island, Chile

We' re going to have a historical course for a hottest second, because the past of Easter Island is almost weird. Aka Rapa Nui and Isla de Pascua, the country of Easter Island was once full of wild animals and a luxuriant rainforest. There were 20,000 people and finally they consumed all the material on the island.

1 ) What the hell is happening to the humans on Easter Island that the whole of human life is dead many years ago and 2) How did the humans move 75 tons of heavy structure known as the mai? Has anyone persuaded you to come to the island yet? On Easter Island, the best place to stay is the HangaroaEco Village and Spa Resort.

Built from Kyrgyzstan, clays and vulcanic rocks, I immediately felt plunged into the Rapa Nui area. The Hangaroa Hotel's favourite feature is that every detail fits in perfectly with the scenery. Interiors pay tribute to the island's components, such as load-bearing columns of Cyprus and a well.

The Easter Island is not exactly a gastronomic holiday resort, but the Hotel Hangaroa changes one meal after the other. The Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa has an unbelievable position on the coast street with ocean views, less than five min from the international airports and just a few min from the city centre.

We stayed four overnight stays in the astonishing Hotel Hangaroa, and I would suggest this number to anyone who wants to come to the island. Hire a four-wheeler (we hired it from Hotel Hangaroa, who called a third party) and head across the island to explore! In a few get-togethers you can see many of the Easter Island emblems - but take your freeze.

Tongariki Ahu - is the biggest and most impressing Ahu (shrine) at the base of the Rano Raraku vulcano. The open pit in which the mai were formed, Ranu Raraku, is situated in this volume, and about 400 of them are in different locations and building stages.

Palms puncture the area, and a few mai ("Nau Nau") can be seen from the sea. Ovahe Playa - a much smaller and much less congested sandy area than Anakena, situated under rugged crags. The Orongo Town - stony hamlet and solemn centre, consisting of a group of low, window-less, round houses with even lower entrance to Rano Kau.

Rano Kau vulcano - the biggest vulcano on the island with a caldera well over half a millimeter in size and over 50 lakes. Tahai Inn - consisting of three Tahai or ceremony cherubs within walk of Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa. The seven mai that represent the first discoverers sent by Easter Island king Hotu Matuia.

It' on a mound in the middle of the island. In the Hangaroa Hotel, this restaurant offers some of the best seafood in the city. Situated next to Santander Bank, Haka Honu is so beautiful that we have eaten it twice (in a row!). There are three colleges on the island - two privately and one publicly (where the mother tongue is taught).

CATAM Airlines is the only airline on Easter Island. Greatest Moai: Thanks to Chile Travel and LAN Airlines for making this stay possible.

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