Where to go in new Zealand South Island

In New Zealand where to go South Island

All right, here we go - South Island in two weeks! The blog shows the best way to plan your visit to New Zealand's North and South Islands. You need help to drink everything so that it would be rude not to go and try them out. The highlights of my roadtrip around the South Island of New Zealand. The places we visited in the video:

North and South Island Tours in New Zealand

Are you looking for a group trip to New Zealand that includes the best of the North and South Ilands? So, enjoy our two lovely isles and let us show you the true, memorable New Zealand. The best Kiwi resorts on the North and South Island!

Specific places off the trodden paths like Glenorchy and Okarito, our favourite places! This is a brief flight to the North Island of New Zealand!

Southern Island, New Zealand - Best Family Trips

70 per cent of New Zealanders (also known as kiwis) are living on the more urbane North Island. The South Island is full of places to visit. Hiring a motorhome and travelling around is perhaps the most genuine way to discover the South Island. In the north-east of the town lies untouched Lake Wanaka, where you can go kayaking, swimming, fishing or just about anything else.

Kaikoura, the Maori's own whale watching, takes two and a half hour from Christchurch to the surface to search for huge cetaceans. Just a quick ride south of Dunedin is the Otago Peninsula, home to coat seal, sealion and scarce albatross. The Fiordland National Park with its 1,220 metre high cliffs in the sky is a must on the South Island.

Fly over Milford Sound, one of the park's most picturesque areas, or stay the evening to explore the sounds on the Milford Wanderer. If you want to go swimming with some of the world's smallest porpoises, take a Black Cat cruise to Akaroa, about 80 kilometres from Christchurch.

Return to Christchurch, where the renowned Botanical Gardens are an haven where native and rare flora thrive. Discover the Te Anau Glowworm Hollows on a two-hour, 15-minute early night trip. Then, a guided walk will take you through a net of corridors through the caverns where you will see subterranean falls and more.

Then you will take a small dinghy trip to a shady area of the cavern where hundreds of fireflies inhabit and illuminate the area. Further information about New Zealand can be found at www.tourismnewzealand.com. Booking a cruising on the Milford Wanderer. Find out more about the touring possibilities for the Otago Peninsula at www.natureguidesotago.co.nz.

Top ten picking in the New Zealand capitol. Wellington is New Zealand's flourishing culture centre, quirky, stylish and entertaining.

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