Where Samoa is

And where Samoa is

To find paradise is all the way out there. Prof. Orhan Kural is the director of the Department of Mining Engineering at the Technical University of Instanbul in Turkey and president of the Turkish Travellers Club and he was very nervous to be here in Samoa after a very long and exciting trip, in Turkey Dr. Kural tried to find everything he could get his hand on Samoa.

Finding a shortage of information about the Pacific Islands and especially Samoa, what brought him here to record his journeys on screen so that he could divide with the peoples of his state. "I think you need a consulate in Istanbul to sponsor Samoa because folks don't know they can't get any knowledge about where Samoa is.

? Prof. is thrilled to film Samoa while he's here. As President of the Teutonic Travellers Association, he spoke about how he has an idea of what Turks are looking for in a travelling adventure and that today's Turks look beyond the traditional hot spots like the UK or North America and are curious about the Pacific to discover it.

He hosts a television show and speaks a great deal about the nature and the tourist industry, but one of his passion is the organization of meetings that focus on the need for nations to preserve their cultures and their environments, and he has been able to co-ordinate with a native high schools to talk at their meeting.

Until now he found Samoa intriguing and wonderful with its wealth of cultural and impressive scenery, Professor Kural was very persistent that the alligators, who only ate and slept, should remain away from our lovely banks and assured us that the "new tourist" wants to see Samoa on a lowerland.

Those from Turkey who cover the route will get to know the locals and enjoy the countryside - and thus create it.

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