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The most beautiful island in the world, Bora Bora captivates travellers. Is The Brando the most luxurious island retreat in the world? The Tahiti has invented the surface bungalow and today there are hundreds on a dozen islands. Refer to Where Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Honeymooned. Pictures - Videos - Careers - Freight - Freight Tracking - FAQ - Office Location.

France-Polynesia flies

Faa'a Internacional Airporte, in Tahiti, is the only internacional airporte in France. France-Polynesia has no exit taxes. The majority of people visiting Polynesia come to Faa'a Int'l Faa'a airfield, on the edge of Pape'ete, 5 km western of the city. It' the only one of the airports in Polynesia. It is a domestic airline, Air Tahiti Nui, which connects France-Polynesia with France, the USA, Japan and New Zealand.

If you want to travel to Australia, you must use Auckland. There are several major airline companies serving Polynesia from different parts of the world and have branches in Pape'ete. It uses a combined airline to link Australia, New Zealand, North America and Asia with a wide range of stopovers on the Pacific isles.

In general, Circle Pacific rates from the USA and Asia are cheaper than those from Australia. On-line businesses that can organize RTW and Circle Pacific ticket for France-Polynesia: A Tahiti Nui is flying between Japan (Narita/Tokyo) and Pape'ete. Returns from Tokyo begin at US$1400. It is often the least expensive way to other parts of Asia, although it can be faster via Australia or New Zealand.

From Australia to Pape'ete all air travel is via Auckland. Qantas Airways connects Auckland with Air Tahiti Nui. During the high seasons (June to September and over Christmas) prices rise significantly. Sydney is expected to be around A$1050/1500 for a low seasons roundtrip return flight with Qantas or Air New Zealand.

Like in Australia, New Zealand rates rise in high seasons. Roundtrip rates from Auckland begin at NZ$850/1250 in low/high seasons. Air New Zealand and Qantas/Air Tahiti Nui are both offering connection services from Pape'ete to Los Angeles. If you are flying from other countries than the below mentioned Pazific Isles, you must be connected with Hawaii, Raratonga, Noumea or Auckland.

Pape'ete-Rarotonga (îles Cook; Cook Islands) - Once a Week plus one additional bi-weekly Air Tahiti service. SANTIAGO and PAPE'ETE are operated by LAN Airlines; one weekly service stops on Easter Island. The roundtrip fare to Easter Island costs about 805 US$ and the roundtrip to Chile about 3,300 US$.

Coming to Pape'ete via Los Angeles, Air France and Air Tahiti Nui also operate some of these services with a codeshare with Air Tahiti Nui. Round trip from Paris and Frankfurt from approx. 1650 Euro. Of other European countries, the simplest is to go to one of these towns and fly to Pape'ete.

From the USA you can either take a flight directly from Los Angeles to Pape'ete or via Honolulu (price differentials are very different according to season). The airline shares the transcontinental flight with Air Tahiti Nui, and Air France and Air Tahiti Nui operate from Paris to Pape'ete via Los Angeles.

The cost of the way back from Los Angeles to Pape'ete is between 1485 and 2000 US dollars. From Honolulu to Pape'ete in the low seasons (January to May) from US$1140 and in the high seasons (November to December) from US$1700. As there are no airlines flying directly from Canada, you will have to fly via Honolulu or the US West Coast.

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