Where's Tahiti

Mm-hmm. Where's Tahiti?

The Tahitians used to fill their calabashes with fresh water at Papeete, which means "water basket". I came by to say hello to the horses after a hike where we bathed. One example would be a Tahitian who asks where his "vini" is instead of using the French word for mobile phone. "Where's my cell phone? Dinner in Tahiti is very, very good.

Tahiti: Tahitian Honeymoon, where do we begin?

This last optional free stop in Honolulu (ideal for a legitimate US ground wedding) before your holiday in Polynesia. FYI, Tahiti weddings are non-binding. Tahitian Islands is a must for the beginning or the end of your itinerary.

Choosing the right islands is important, especially in terms of your overall budgets. There are only 9 cottages on a smaller islet. There are 6 beach cottages and 3 above water cottages. The Taha'a isle and spa. It is this characteristic that has put Taha'a on the global stage. It is a large plot of land that stretches around a large lagoon.

Te Tiare Resort is one of the biggest surface bungalow in France. Unbelievable view of Raiatea and Taha'a at sundown. This is one of the most spacious properties for your long term holiday. Situated about an hours north-east of Tahiti, these plains have a different landscape than the remainder of France.

Cia Ora is the "main-land" owned estate, as with a wide range of rooms, cottages and mansions. Kia Oraauvage. opposite the lagoon, you will find 5 cottages on a small motu. Next one that' s beached on the famous South Pacific Isle.

Real taste of Tahiti in the kitchen and interior.

Bora Bora, the treasure of Polynesia. A lot of visitors have decided to bring back to the classical Bora Bora Bora for the smaller sized resort, unbelievable beaches on 3 sides of the estate with hammocks that are awaiting you. There are some beautiful old trees and vegetation on the site. This building was shut down in September 2008 and should be reopened during the 50th year of the first opening.

Bora Bora Bora's Four Seasons. Bora Bora Cruises. Whole 5* services, sail between Bora Bora, Taha'a, Raiatea and Huahine. There are also some great things to do on this trip, such as eating in the lagoon (tables and seats are placed in the 84 degrees waters). It is a 14-day 2 stop ferry trip to and from the islands of Touamotu to take part in the islands daily itinerary.

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