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SEISMITICITY and Damping in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) isles: the main islands: To reinterpret the effect of subsidence of the D'entrecasteaux fault zone - Marthelot - 1985 - Journal of Geophysical Research: Firm Earth Geographical distributions of medium depth quakes on the main Vanuatu Isles (New Hebrides) include a significant interval in depth between 100 and 200 km of sea bed activities and a side extension of about 150 km. There were no well-located quakes detected from teleeseismic records over a 16-year span and no micro-earthquakes detected by a seismographic station over a 5-year span.

The seismicity hole is overlapped by a damping area of high-frequency cutters. There is no visible distortion of the Benioff area in the area of the void, which indicates a greater disturbance of the subduced plates. There is a void near the extrapolation of the subduced part of the D'Entrecasteaux fracture area.

DFZ is a comb-like bathyme characteristic on the ocean iceplate, which is subduced under the arch of the islet. As an alternative, a highly scattered area connected to the subduced part of the DFZ may also be responsible for the abnormal damping. Seismicity and flat sheet geometries in the Vanuatu River subsection area, Journal of Geophysical Research, Christian Baillard, Wayne C. Crawford, Valérie Ballu, Marc Régnier, Bernard Pelletier and Esline Garaebiti:

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