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So where' Nuku Hiva?

This forecast shows the local time for Nuku Hiva Airport. View reviews and photos from tours in Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia on TripAdvisor. Booking your flight from Honolulu (HNL) to Nuku Hiva (NHV) with our best price guarantee. It can be overwhelming what you can see and do in Nuku Hiva, but Frommer's has the ultimate guide on the Internet for things you can do. Nuku Hiva Island is the state and economic centre of the Marquesas.

Hiva Nuku Islands, Polynesia, France

Northwest Marquesas Islands, France Polynesia, in the South Pacific Northwest. The Nuku Hiva is the main isle of the Marquesas. She is also considered the most beautyful of the Marquesas. It has remnants of various Polyynesian stonehouse bases, forts and shrines. The first sighting by the seafarer √Čtienne Marchand in 1791, the US navy official David Porter, who called it Madison lsland in 1813 for the United States.

France, however, in 1842 conquered the Marquesas and constructed a fortress on the isle. At the beginning of the nineteenth centuary Nuku Hiva had a small trading business in sandal wood and later became a popular stopover for cetaceans. Tai-o-hae (Hakapehi), on the southern shore, the major harbor and harbor, is the Marquesas' city.

During the 1840' the US author Herman Melville came to the area and Nuku Hiva was the backdrop for his first novel, Typee (1846).

The Nuku Hiva -

The Marquesas have three gendarmerie areas: Hiva Oa, Ua Pou and Nuku Hiva, and it is official that ships coming from abroad should go to one of these isles first. The loan can be bought at Bank Socredo, a brief stroll along the bankstreet. The Socredo Bank also has a bank in Bora Bora, where the deposit will be returned on depart.

You can also choose to charge a commission and use the yacht service Nuku Hiva, see General Services for further information. INS patrols the island and Nuku Hiva in particular by climbing as many ships as possible. Be careful when arriving at nightime, as there may be a boat at sea without Anchorlight.

Sailing can be rough here and a transom anchors can help to look into the sea, but most ships swings free. For starboard, the large dock is clearly discernible in all circumstances. Situated between the large wharf and the small community wharf, at the end of the NE cove, is a NO MONING area.

At the city wharf (dinghy landing stage), utmost caution is required, especially in rough seas in the cove. During low tide inflatable boats can land under the walls and several cases of damaging inflatable boats have especially appeared near the small ladder that you will need to scale to get off your inflatable boat. It' better to leave the tender at the ladder and bring it to the south face with the big tires.

Don't abandon the tender further northerly near the locals' fishermen' vessels, as there too yawls have been furled. You can buy petrol here and there is a bench (see next door service for more details). There is no tap running in the city, but there are three special filter units where you can drink it.

Anchors in the centre. Potable drinkingwater is available here in the Taipevai shed or directly behind the Hooumi shed. Taipevai has 3 stores (see next door service for more details).

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