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Who is Guam?

Guam Island is located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean between the Mariana Islands. Situated in the tropical Pacific Ocean, the US territory of Guam lies at the southern end of the Mariana Island Chain. If you don't eat meat, you have a wide selection of salads, pasta and seafood to suit your lifestyle. War in the Pacific National Historical Park is in Guam, an overseas territory of the USA. in the Guam time zone map boundaries.

Where' s Guam?

Guam small US territories have been on the air. Where' s Guam? In essence, Guam is in the heart of nowhere. It is located in Micronesia about 1,500 leagues from the Philippines and about 1,600 leagues from Japan. It is a part of the United States. People in Guam have a US House of Representatives delegation, but they cannot elect.

The Guamese have their own chosen government head, judiciary and legislative system thanks to the Guam Organic Act, which President Harry S. Truman ratified in 1950. Guam's population has a bill that separates churches and states. Bundessteuern is returned to Guam. "Chamorro " (or "Chamoru") relates to the indigenous peoples of Guam and the Marianas around it.

What makes Guam so important? Known as the "spearhead", Guam is the pivotal element in the US military's Pacific footprint and the states' most important pillar of africa. In addition to the civilian population, Guam has about 7,000 soldiers and many large army bases, among them Andersen Air Force Base and Naval Base Guam.

Guam is also home to the THAAD (Terminal Height Range Defence Battery), which is intended to launch rockets when they re-enter the air. So when did America take over Guam? The Americas first conquered Guam during the Spanish-American War in 1898. Guam was dominated by Japan during the Second World War, but the US army conquered the country in the second battle of Guam, which took about two month and ended in August 1944.


It may be small, but there is a lot to do and see - luckily they are all close to our hotel. It' in the Bayview Hotelobby. Situated on the first level of our Oceanview Hotel & Residence near by, Chamoru Tei Restaurant provides a kitchen based on Chamorro cooking and genuine seasonings that will make an unforgettable event for even the most demanding guest.

Every meal has been carefully chosen to ensure that the food is in keeping with the island's traditions and cultural beauty....an absolutely Chamorro-atmosphere. Situated on the first level of the Bayview Hotel, Tea District is one of the newest bubbling drinks stores on the islands that can quench the thirst and satisfy the candy cats in the trendy, commercial decor of the house.

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The Tumon is the most famous and the most visited one. There is located on the touristic area of the isle. One of the biggest beaches in Guam is the one on the border of one of the biggest park. There are regular performances and a music pavilion for gigs on the meadow. This is a place of possibilities for the rower and fotographer.

Old oar songs can be heared over the shallow water of Tumon Bay as the sundowner dives into the cloudy sky. The Two Lover's Point is an amazing cliff in northern Guam with a view of the shimmering Philippine Sea and is the home of an old Chamorro-magiography. Today, with historically influenced architectural styles, extensive scenery and spectacular views, the site plunges the visitor into the dramatics and histories of antique Chamorro romanticism.

The Micronesia Majorca in Dededo at the crossroads of Guam Highway 1 and 16 is the biggest commercial centre in the Western Pacific on the United States. Outlets or GPO is a retail centre in Tamuning, Guam. The GPO is the only commercial centre in the United States of America.

The Under Water Guam is one of the longest tunnelling aquaria in the whole wide range of the United States. Much of the fish contained in the tank come from Guam and the Mariana Islands. Guam Museum is devoted to the conservation, advancement and advancement of the Chamorro Heritage of Guam.

These include tribal languages, art, humanities, historical and multicultural conservation, research, conservation, presentations, museum activity and development programmes relevant to Guam's past and present, and improving the prospects of the Chamorro population.

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