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Bora Bora vacation?

Bora Bora, Bora Bora: Holidays at Bora Bora ¡Bora Bora! The Societal Islands, a small French Polynesian islands including Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine and Raiatea/Manihi, contain all the necessary elements for a paradise in the tropics. There is a luxuriant year round mild climatic conditions, flowering flora and a light-hearted life -style on the isle. French influences offer stylish dining and resort facilities to meet high standards.

Although the colonialists have made great strides to "civilize" the Polynesians and make them more close to the Lord by banning their sensuous dancing and colourful ways of living, many of the customs have been preserved and the inhabitants of the islands are proud to show their heritages. Most of the Society Islands are surrounded by marshes and coves.

It' really a holiday nightmare come true! No! Apart from making every imagination of a paradise of the tropics a real one, the Society Isles also contain the fashionable natural beauty of France's cuisine. Fascinating volcano tops and tropic orchards form the midland of these archipelagoes, while the boundary is formed by whitish sand shores and cayenas.

Experience the breathtaking Bora Bora up-close and take a 3-hour trip through the untouched inner part of the isle. Collect sights of Bora Bora that you won't find anywhere else.... from above! Cross the multicoloured Laguna and take a look at the summit of Mount Otemanu, a basaltic tobelisk that cannot be climbed, although it has already been tried several time.

You can see Tahiti scuba diver nourishing blacktip fish in the outside wall that surrounds the isle! This is Bora Bora: A picturesque paradise offering the most scenic lagoons in the whole of the Archipelago, as well as adventure you won't find anywhere else, such as pelagic feeder! As it is a volcano near Tahiti, the scenery is very similar, but neither as crowded nor as touristic as Tahiti, so you can experience your little bit of paradise in comparable seclusion.

Composed of two small islets connected by an isthmus, it is a place of complete flight, with little more interference than the crash of sea currents within the ring of corals that delimit most of the islets. The fragrance is sent from custard plants through most of the archaeological area.

Raiatea/Manihi: These two Tahitian isles, which lie on both sides of Tahiti, have their own people. It is the administration centre of the Iles Sont le Vent (Leeward Island of the Society Islands), but its inherent appeal is great, which includes a floral variety that does not exist anywhere else in the world - the Tiare Apetahi.

It is only 3.5 nautical mile in width and 19 nautical mile long, with a minuscule 400 people. Most of them are darkpearls! Constructed in a splendid location on a gorgeous lake at the top of a 6 mile long privately owned "motu" isle, you will be able to delight in exclusive, stylish cabins, horse back rides on the shore, wind surfing and more.

Situated on a secluded isle, this gorgeous 48 hectare residential complex has beach suite, bungalow and outdoor suite with en-suite swimming Pool. Savour a restaurant, pub, lagoon bicycles and more. Encircled by stunning lakes, this is one of the most stunning South Pacific shores, with outdoor or beach suite with swimming Pool or bungalow.

Situated on a "motu" on Bora Bora with wonderful sandy whitewashed shores, the hostel has suite cabins overlooking a clear ocean bed or a terrace overlooking the shore or water. Situated on a secluded isle, this gorgeous 48 hectare residential complex offers seaside suite, surface staterooms and outdoor suite with en-suite swimming pools.

Savour a restaurant, pub, lagoon bicycles and more. Situated on one of the most beautiful sandy whitewashed shores of the isle. Above water cottages, an abundance of cathedrals and the ocean are charming. At the top of Motu Toopua, this award-winning sanctuary features a selection of classic surface, beach and outdoor Tahiti chalets.

Savour dining, pubs, motorboats and more. Situated on a sugar-sweet sandy shore along a beautiful lake, this modern resort features surface cabins, an inflinity swimming pools, a renowned sharks feed facility, Polish dancing shows and a spas.

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