Where is Bora Bora in Relation to Tahiti

So where is Bora Bora in relation to Tahiti?

Municipal services in their relationship to urban development. Dr. Jing-sen Chang, Vice Chairman, The. The return flight between Los Angeles and Papeete, Tahiti, is also included. View more ideas about Society Islands, Bora Bora map and Tahiti French Polynesia.

A cruise around the islands of Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Fiji and Tahiti.

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Visiting the Polynesia through our websites will help you organize your journey to Tahiti. Select a topic for your journey and live your Polyynesian dreams. Preparations must be made for a journey to the centre of the South Pacific. Explore all the necessary information for a tranquil journey and savour your journey to the Tahitian isles.

The InterContinental Tahiti Estate is located opposite the Moorea Islands and is a luxury estate that stretches along the Laguna, only 3 km from the airport and 6 km from Papeete. There is a privately-owned en-suite pool, 2 seperate fantastic inflinity swimming baths with whirlpool, one with swim-up bars, the other with cascades, a diving centre, an algotherm spa and many other attractions.

This is Moorea's biggest holiday destination with a total of 480 people. It serves as the base for all important activity on the western coastline and is also home to the prestigious Moorea Dolphin Center and Turtle Care Center. It is an animation area where you can listen to different living acts and 3 Polish shows every night.

Concerning the accomodation, you can select between: landai rooms, beaches.....

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Come to the hearts of Tahiti & French Polynesia and start your trip now! All about Lonely Planet's Tahiti & French Polynesia guide: Get a more rich and worthwhile travelling experiences through our richer, more culturally diverse experiences - historical, environmental, island living, art, religious, sporting, etiquette, populist, literary, cinematic, eating, drinking, eating and drinking.

It'?s the right choice: Lonely Planet:

Hubbard Gauguin Cruises is offering a two-week sales on Select 2018 and 2019 Tahiti, France-Polynesia and South Pacific Trips.

August 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Paul Gauguin Cruises (www.pgcruises.com), owner of the highest valued and longest continuously cruising luxurious cruiser in the South Pacific, the m/s Paul Gauguin, announced a two-week sales on selected cruises to Tahiti 2018 and 2019, France-Polynesia and South Pacific. The Gauguin Cruises offers up to $2,900* per passenger saving on selected Gauguin cruises reserved between August 6 and August 18, 2018.

The round-trip flight between Los Angeles and Papeete, Tahiti, is also covered. Onboard, passengers are treated to the highest standard of comfort, exclusivity and all-inclusive value sail to South Pacific locations that are the company's speciality. To Tahiti & the Society Islands (7 nights): Societal Islands & Tahiti Iti (7 nights):

At The Gauguin, almost 70% of the suite and cabins have a balcony. The Gauguines and Les Gauguinsâ "a troop of entertainers from Tahitiâ "offer rewarding experience of the destination during every trip. On every trip, the Gauguin offers professional instructors and specialized visitors on selected sailing trips, who give lectures on subjects such as the South Pacific's historic, nature protection, nature, culture, sea living and the miracles of the reef.

The Gauguin also has a luxury spas, a gym, a marina and spacious outside deck areas with deckchairs and a large indoor pools. A highlight of any cruising trip is the unique entrance to Motu Mahana, the island of the Taha'a cruising line off the Taha'a coastline, where visitors can sunbathe, swim, snorkel, kayak, perform Polish water sports, a full range of services, a waterfront beach café and a tasty barbeque.

At Bora Bora our clients can relax on a quiet sandy spot with sea volley, sun bathing, snorkelling, canoeing and refreshment. All rates are in US dollar per capita, are per capita, are per booking and are per booking only, are per new booking, and must be confirmed by August 18, 2018.

Through Paul Gauguin CruisesOwned by Pacific Beachcomber S.C., the premier luxurious resort and tour operators in France-Polynesia, Paul Gauguin Cruises runs the 5+ star cruiser Paul Gauguin, which offers a 332 guest luxurious cruising adventure designed for the incomparable marvels of Tahiti, French-Polynesia and the South Pacific. Acknowledged by prestigious tourism and life-style magazines, Paul Gauguin Cruises was named #1 Midsize-Ship Ocean cruiser line at the 2017 travel +isure World'?s Best Awards.

It has also been named one of the "Top Small Cruise Lines" at the Condà Nast Traveler 2017 Readers' Choice Awards and is on the "Gold List" of the 2018 edition. "Paul Gauguin Cruises was also named "Best Small-Ship Cruise Line" at the Global Traveler's Leisure Lifestyle Awards 2016, 2017 and 2018 and "#1 Cruise Line for Honeymooners" at the Honeymoon Awards 2017 of BRIDES Magazine and "Top All-Inclusives" at the Honeymoon Awards 2018.

â From Travel + Leisure Magazine, August 2017 © Time Inc. The Affluent Media Group is not associated with Paul Gauguin Cruises and does not support any product or service.

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