Where are the Marquesa Islands

So where are the Marquesa Islands?

The Marquesan is a collection of East Central Polynesian dialects of the Marquesan group spoken in the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia. As a rule, they are divided into two groups, North Marquesan and South Marquesan, which correspond roughly in geographical terms. It can be overwhelming what you can see and do on the Marquesas Islands, but Frommer's has the ultimate travel guide on the Internet. Iles Marquises or Archipelago of Marquises or Marquises. Herb medicine in the Marquesas Islands.

Explorers: Marquesas - Where many have finished their search for paradise - Journey

The Hiva Oa Hanakee Pearl Lodge, the only resort on the secluded South Pacific Isle of Hiva Oa, offers a magnificent panorama of the luxuriant woods, the cracking Arctic Ocean and, if it's dawn, a very foggy Mount Temetiu. There are no cliffs surrounding the islands, so the ocean can be stacked wild on the sand and rock.

What a good thing when you think about the notion of paradise, what I did on a new dawn, my feet dangled in an endless swimmingpool, which seemed to flow into the bay of Hanakee. Strangely, the Marquesas were among the first South Pacific islands to be populated, and some of the greatest sailors of all times set out from their banks, discovering the remainder of the so-called Polynesia Delta (New Zealand Hawaii Easter Island).

The Marquesas have long been known as Te Henua Enata (Land of Men), nine hundred leagues from Tahiti. Huge banaceans are covering cliffs and hiding the oldest Tiki in Polynesia, which have their older brothers and sisters on Easter Island long before them. The dense vegetation also hides the remains of stones from buildings erected on high decks, stony sanctuaries and ceremony places where plays were performed and offerings made.

There are only six of the ten Marquesas inhabited - Nuku Huiva, Ua Pou, Ua Huku, Huiva Oa, Tahuata and Fatu Heiva. The islands, which are mainly used by hunter-to-horse hunting, are crossed by small country lanes. Sandy shores surround the islands, although only a few paths to them. Warm and dryer than Tahiti, its remote location has maintained the Marquesas at a time when some islands in Polynesia run the danger of being over-visited.

Some of the islands can be accessed by Air Tahiti several flights per day, some by freighters and cruisers every few short stays, and more and more by privately owned sailing boats. The most southerly in the warp. Once home to 130,000 inhabitants, Hiva Oa is now home to less than 1,900 inhabitants spread across the lowlands and half a dozen small towns.

It is a long, crescent-shaped sandy area in front of the largest city of Atuona, which has not undergone much change since Gauguin designed the House of Pleasure. It was a warm, arid day and I followed the shore past Atuona and ran four mile to Taaoa, where a large hullabaloo (temple) was renovated. When only one thing is to blame for the lasting french polynesia's fame as paradise, then it is the pictures of Gauguin, who in 1901, after his welcome on several other islands in Polynesia, went to Hiva Oa.

Walking from the shore or the stony sanctuary into the centre of Atuona brings me to one of the most famous paradise searchers in the world. On the second floor, a large staircase dozens of stairs leads to the only large room where Paul Gauguin (locally known as Koke) used to live and paint.

Gauguin's last breath was Hiva Oa and it didn't go well for him here. In the years he was living here, he did not mock frankly the Catholics in a secluded France missionary community ruled by the Congregation. I found myself on Nuka Hiva two day later, thanks to the comfort of smallplanes.

" At dawn, for example, I resolved to take a path to the other side of the Isle and a small village in Taipivai, I was said it would take me the whole night to get to the sandy beach at Controller Bay. In recent years, the equipment suppliers and the Nuka Hiva administration have pledged to cut a path system across the entire length of the country, including the buzz of the economy that the "Survivor" show created on the spot.

These paths consist of decade-long boar, horsehorse and hunting transport; the concept inspired by a small tourist enterprise named Marquises Rando is to make them passable without much technical equipment. The Hikokua Tohohua is on the opposite side of the isle, just a few metres from the shore, where a large tiki guard a grassy area that was once used for play and sacrifice.

Close to the shore is a large tan colored chapel and a large enough to cater for the more than a hundred people who come every few wks on a cruiser to a Snackfest. The last walk on Nuka Hiva leads over a 600 foot high mountain range from the town of Taipivai to a sandy shore near Anaho, past rugged areas of black and white horse and cattle.

This is a unique dive site with flat rocks, a unique cliff that slows down the crash of the sea and is therefore ideal for swimming. For the Marquesas, the most immediate route from New York is the non-stop flight to Papeete, Tahiti, with Air Tahiti Nui (June to October only; other month flight stays in Los Angeles), about $1,700 (wwww.airtahitinui-usa. com; 877-824-4846).

Tahiti Nui also has more frequently scheduled services from Los Angeles. Coming from Papeete to the Marquesas islands, Tahiti operates several weekly services to Hiva Oa and Nuku Hiva, with a return flight of approximately 63,000 French-Polynesian Franks or approximately $795 to 79. Alternatively, you can visit the Marquesas by cruiser.

The Regent Seven Seas Cruises is sailing the Paul Gauguin out of Tahiti and visiting the outlying islands of Polynesia several a year. A number of Nuku Hiva or Hiva Oa accommodation is available, beginning with host families, basic rooms with meals in homestays. Every isle has a Pearl Resort Lodge.

Nuku Hiva Keikahanui Pearl Lodge has 20 luxury and luxury bungalow units and is located at the end of the Taiohae Hauptstrasse (prices start at 25,000 French-Polynesian Franks plus taxes; 689-50-84-52 www.pearlresorts.com/keikahanui). Same goes for Hiva Oa. A number of homes are renting rooms in the capital Hanakee; from the Hiva Oa Hanakee Pearl Lodge inflinity swimming pools you have a 200-degree panoramic look at 3,900-foot Mount Temetiu.

We have 14 chalets with similar view (; prices and telephone numbers are the same as at Nuku Hiva). At Nuku Huiva the resort can organise horse riding and motor boat transfers to various paths ending in dramatic falls. Anaho' s sand beaches require a brief (40-minute) walk, but are definitely a reward.

In Hiva Oa you must not miss the Paul Gauguin Museum and the painter's tomb; the famous vocalist Jacques Brel is in the same church. A 13 April report on the Marquesas in the South Pacific incorrectly identified one of the lands forming the so-called Polynesian Triangle and the most distant Polynesian Isle of Tahiti.

Besides Hawaii and Easter Island, the Delta also encompasses New Zealand, not Tahiti. Easter Island, not the Marquesas, is the furthest from Tahiti. On May 4 of an April 13th issue on the Marquesas in the South Pacific, a revision wrongly described two points of the so-called Polynesian Delta.

Not Hawaii, a state, nor Easter Island, a Chilenean area, is a state. Moreover, Tahiti is part of the Delta, although it is not one of its points.

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