Whats Bora Bora

What is Bora Bora

By the Adriatic coast, Bora Definition, a strong, dry, cold wind from the north or northeast. Build the perfect Bora Bora with this step-by-step guide. Because of its beauty and tropical atmosphere, Bora Bora is a popular destination. Where is Bora-Bora from the equator and on which hemisphere is it?


Meteorology substantive. There is a strong, arid, cool breeze (on the coast of the Azores ) from the northern or northeastern regions. 1860-65; Upper Italian, Australian substantive; an Aboriginal initiatory ritual in which young are taken into the people. I then learnt that his bride was borne on Bora Bora and still had a family there.

Bora, with a gloomy view of Paul, went in the indicated directio. They can go to the church in the state, but only to see the coronation of Bora. Zabern met the Duke of Bora past one of the aisles. Did I get Bora away just to find that he kept a replacement in the closet?

one calenderer of bora bora's annual meetings, festivals, activites & attractionen

The Hawaiki Nui Va'a - The biggest boom kayak races in the world. It is a culture festival with Himene (traditional song) & Orero (traditional verbal explanation) from the early 1800s. This is the fortieth edition of this highly acclaimed documentary film fund. The Bora Bora can be a great place to enjoy Valentine's Eve for those looking for something special and unforgettable......................................contact this page to have your own luncheon `foot in the water' on a privately owned boat (island) or swim at the end of the riff with Raiatea & Tahaa in mind on your own privately owned house boat with only sharks and stingrays as yours.

Acclaimed within the Greater China Fellowship throughout Polynesia in France and Bora Bora. It was a feast on which the first Protestant missionaries reached Tahiti in 1797. The World Surfing League (formerly ASP) World Tour Men's Qualifying Series events in the constant Surfing & Magic environment of Tahiti's Papara. It is an experience that requires great skill, not to speak of a marvellous suit that wraps them up with the local people & is very much to see.

Look at this on Bora Orero. Some of the best tattoo artists in the world are gathering at the Musee de Tahiti. Look at the tattoo report. 15 km of cross-country skiing through the wonderful Tahaa countryside. Celebrating the end of the Pleiades consummation era & in a magic, mystic & very spiritually seated Maroto in Tahiti.

This twelfth edition of this wonderful, entertaining race offers yachtsmen the opportunity to cruise some of the most stunning seas in the mesmerizing Society Islands. Here is a review of the Tahiti Pearl race. III-28-30th IVF VA'A WWORLD WISTANCE CAMPIONSHIPS Opportunity to see the best canoeists in the game.

Tahitian Islands events. This year' s 13th annual meeting in Papeete, Tahiti. This is an interesting account of Bora Bora's Best Hikecovering part of the 2015 course; so good that it was once again the focus of the 2016 sweep. MOLOKAI 2 OAHU - World Lying & SUP Championship in a common competition over Kauii Chanel.

In August 2016, Teahupoo will host the world's largest windsurfing events in the "sickest" of all. The One-Man Ironman-Expert - 19 SUPER AITO VA'A! In Tahitian water, this will be the twenty-sixth time that this has happened. All of this will take the Ori Tahiti (Tahitian Dance) practices in Hawaii to a new level.

Organized by the iconic Tahiti Mana group, the contest takes place at the Hawaii Theater - 11:00-19:00. This is a must for everyone who is currently in Hawaii. Maraamu Surf Ski Racing shows the best kayaker riders in the whole wide range in an exciting 40 km sprint at the world's best sea kayak-racing.

Between Tahaas Paipai Pass and the famous Bora Bora is breathtaking. Here is a preliminary of this year?s Maraamu 2016, the eighth edition of this prestigeous show in a row. World' s biggest women' outerrigger sea races! Last year the competition was abandoned due to the heavy sea - please wait for a big participation this year!

It was a great run! Hawaiki'nui Va'a Racing, the biggest boom races in the whole wide range of canoeing in the series. On three successive rafting trips from Huahine to Raiatea (day 1), Raiatea to Tahaa (day 2) & Tahaa to Bora Bora (day 3) six (6) man -boom jib paddles are used.

Fifteen BOB CAT operations - An interesting time on the capital city, 75 years after the Americans came to Bora Bora for the Second World War. MATARII i NI'A - The mark of the Matarii arrivals (the Pleiades constellation) & the time of plenty that is being observed on the Maroto in central Tahiti.

UNBELIEVABLE Tahitian to Bora Bora at Holopunis! Look here: No28-Dec3 - KXT IRONMANA LIQUID FESTIVAL A range of aquatic sporting events as varied as one-man canoeing, windsurfing, SUP, paddle boarding, sea swimmers, free diver and even life-saving crafts, the Ironmana represents the definitive meeting of the world's best inwatersports.

Visit the Bora Bora Ironmana Liquid Festival - 2014. 2017 RAID APETAHI - An outstanding 16km experience - both serious and entertaining - in the middle of a dramatic landscape. The eighth edition of the meeting will take place in the community of Tumaraa. At the end of the V1 (single paddler) canoeing championship series.

It is a big favorite with the people & a great opportunity to share the wonder and happiness of Christmas. It was a very merry Christmas full of happiness and tranquility. To see what's happening in Bora for Christmas, look at Christmas in Bora Bora. Incidentally, there is a large group of ornamental Christmas trees - especially good to see at dusk - which are placed in the wedding hall of the town hall...........it is there behind the big shield "Mairie de Bora Bora" directly at the highroad.

Against the backdrop of an environmentally friendly, sustainability-oriented approach, which Bora Bora has already been awarding the Bleu Pavilion for 16 years - a sign of the extraordinary bathing water qualities of the islands - the municipality has launched an aggressive program to provide Bora Bora Bora with pesticide-free, 100% organic fruits and veg.

Seaplane services with routes & transportation around Bora Bora, Tupai, Tahaa, Raiatea, Huahine, Moorea & Tahiti are still close to takeoff, as the aircraft will arrive at its home bases in Raiatea at the beginning of February 2016. Air Tahiti's pricing is anticipated to be comparable to that of Air Tahiti.

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