What to see in South Island new Zealand

Things to see in South Island New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand offers some of the most unique experiences in the world. Explore the sights of South Island New Zealand now. Activities and Sights on the South Island, New Zealand

Undoubtedly, the best way to discover New Zealand's wonderful and varied countryside is on walking. Walking on the South Island is a must for all visitor, and a number of great walking paths ensure that there is a stroll for all age groups, skills and interests. On the South Island there are many well-treaded routes to chose from, but if you want to make the most of your outdoor experience, there will be more for your money in the form of accompanied hikes with kindly, locally run people.

Below are some of the recommended sightseeing tours: Fresh New Zealand's wonderful and varied scenery has played a major part in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films...and now it's time to explore it. Recorded at more than 150 locations across New Zealand, if you want to see them all you will have a long trip ahead of you.

Due to the success of the film line there are a number of special hikes and hikes to Lord Of The Rings. Explore the country that inspires and impresses audiences around the globe as you dare to enter the Dart River Valley, where legend, story and imagination come to live.

The Dart River offers kayaking and boating tours far into the Mt Aspiring National Park, where you can see some of the world' s most famous attractions and landscapes from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit film. The South Island is home to New Zealand's most stunning glaciers, among them the breathtaking Franz Josef.

At an altitude of 2,700 metres above sealevel and 12 km long, the Franz Josef Glacier stretches from the Southern Alps to the rain forest of the Westland National Park. The Franz Josef Glacier Guides provide some great opportunities to discover the glacier. Featuring lofty summits and cave-like crevices, there is a marvellous universe of bright bluish glaciers to discover.

Come and see us in our winters so that you can enjoy Franz Josef to the full. Discover Franz Josef from the bottom up on an expertly led hike along the glacial floors. This leisurely stroll is suited for all age groups and skills and will not lead you to the ices. Following an exhilarating sightseeing tour, you will land on the icy surface and discover the exceptional scenery up-close.

Relax after a long icy days out in the Glacier Hot Pools, a luxury haven in the centre of Westland National Park. Fiordland National Park's stunning landscapes and unique landscapes make it one of New Zealand's best walking attractions. The Fiordland National Park is as jagged and varied as it is pretty, from the snow-capped mountains of the South Island Alps and the untouched rain forest to the scenic seas and wildcoastles.

Fiordland National Park is the only place where you can see the Takahe or the Kakapo (the only flying unfit bird in the world). The National Park is home to thirteen stunning fjords, one of New Zealand's most visited destinations: Featuring towering mountains, pristine green spots and rugged cliffs leading through clear, glacier-fed water, it's hard to understand why the whole planet has loved Milford Sound.

The Hollyford Track is the perfect way to explore Fiordland National Park. Starting from the quaint seaside city of Te Anau, you begin your trip to the National Park on the historical route. You' ll walk a long distance on three nights, take a wildlife jetship and chopper, enjoying the heat, warmth, welcome, exquisite dining and luxurious accommodations of two Fiordland-Lodges, all under the professional supervision of the seasoned Hollyford Track-Teams.

The Mount Aspiring Nationalpark is a favourite walking spot with some of the most stunning landscapes on the South Island. Consisting of pristine lagoons, snow fields, glaciers and one of New Zealand's highest summits, Mt Aspiring, the Mt Aspiring is an indispensable pleasure for travelers, walkers and tourism enthusiasts. An excellent way to enjoy the full grandeur and environmental variety of the NP is to drive along the Dart River, a scenic and scenic river.

The Dart River is the only Dart Rivers licensed operating company and your best choice for discovering the Dart Rivers and its surroundings. Wildlife jets take you on an exhilarating trip to the heartland of Mt Aspiring National Park with the only speedboat guide registered on the riverside.

Enjoy the breathtaking landscape of Mt Aspiring National Park as you pedal along the slow-flowing stream at your own speed. This could be the cold, arid weather and outstanding ground condition, or the good flavour of the locals for good wines, but the South Island of New Zealand is now home to some of the best varieties of the world.

This was until the 1990s, when New Zealand estates began producing award-winning, international Pinot Noir. So, on your next trip to New Zealand, take the opportunity to see one of the many amazing South Island wine estates. Queenstown's amazing skiing and skiing cultures are experienced by skiing and snowboarding from all over the globe. During the whole year, New Zealand's mountainsides and skiing resorts are explored.

But if you don't want to ski, but still want to experience the beautiful countryside, put on a set of boots and come and discover the snowy area. Shoes give non-skiers the opportunity to easily cross untouched mountain slopes and discover the wild and pristine outdoors. New Zealand offers a variety of walking, hiking and helicopter tours around the region of New Zealand.

There is no better way to experience the breath-taking landscapes of New Zealand's South Island than to fly over it by plane. One of our best travelling hints is a tour by chopper if the prices are not a big issue or if you are pressed for a while. These are our suggestions for chopper trips on the South Island:

Get more out of your walking tour by taking a scenic flight with a heliport. On board your state-of-the-art aircraft, you can quickly get to a larger area so you can get more out of the rough and varied scenery. Accompanied by an accomplished driver and an accomplished tour leader, you will have parts of the South Island at your fingertips and enjoy things most travellers can only imagine.

You fly high above bright bluish glacier lake, mountains and fields of snows before you land on the untouched glacier of Franz Josef and start your hike. At the summit of the globe, immersed in a breathtaking, snow-covered landscape, you hike between the snow-covered mountains, just yourself, your hiking group and your experienced tour leader.

Explore the stunning fauna and birdlife of New Zealand's South Island in a full immersive experience. Hike from the mountain to the ocean, jet-boat on the Dart River and in the wild through the birch woods of Mount Aspiring National Park and into picturesque valley and glacial lake, enjoying adventures and scenery on an unbelievable one.

Here are some items you might like for your next trip to the South Island of New Zealand:

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