What to see in Fiji Island

Things to see in Fiji

We know that the Yasawa Islands are one of the most iconic islands and let you experience the "real Fiji Islands". I have to go to the islands to see the real Fiji. Would you like to learn more about the best way to see Fiji? Explore Fiji Islands and Fiji Resorts. Canoeing in one of the quietest bays of the islands.

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We will guide you through 4 beautiful Fiji islands and the breathtaking Blue Lagoon area. Get your Fiji Vodafone SIM for your phone! Sandy between your feet, cool drinks in your hands - you can relax on the island of your choosing. You can take the plane to the island at 8:30, 9:00 or 12:15 hours, according to the airport of your journey.

Yasawas with a brief boat ride on the'Yasawa Flyer' to the south end of the Yasawas, where the Yasawas have impressive gigantic mountain peaks. There' is a wide choice of outdoor pursuits and great sandy beach to freshen up your sun tanning and calm! Nowadays you will be confronted with even more attractive shores, Fijians and relaxing when you take the Yasawa Flyer further to the northern part of the Drawaqa and Naviti isles.

They are a blissful island and if you visit between May and October, you have the opportunity to go swimming with charming canyons! When you thought you'd seen Fiji as beautifully as possible, think again! We' re heading up to Fiji's breathtaking Blue Lagoon area on the north Yasawa Island.

There are island hikes, beautiful sandy shores and corals to be enjoyed. Mornings for relaxation, snorkeling, kayaking for your last days in the Yasawas. Afterwards the flyer goes down to the Yasawa Islands and then through the small Mamanucas.

Rendezvous with Fiji when you are taken to the airfield. This is the "must-do" activity in Fiji. All of the following options are available: For your convenience and to make sure you have a place for these great experiences, we have bargained for specific prizes and include them under the'FULL MONTY' - your selected PLUS pack with all nominees for your activity or updates.

Full Monty activity is described daily in the packs. This is a unique experience on board the'Seaspray' between the Mamanuca Islands. Snorkel and swim in the clear water, take in the tradition of the Fiji villages and the Kava Celebration. See the island in Tom Hank's film'Cast Away'.

Just a brief cruise from the golden sands of Kuata and Waya Lailai Islands. It is a spectaculous place from above and below with an abundance of colorful fishing and wonderful coral. It is also home to a few "friendly" snorkelling sharks, which will get the adrenaline going, but they will feed on them and not on humans, so don't be alarmed!

The Yasawas live in a town. However, they cannot simply walk to a small town and must be escorted from there by a single adult. The opportunity to see one of these towns is a unique opportunity to get to know this other side of the globe than that of the town. You will be taught the basics and guided through the town.

It' a very relaxing trip and you can hike and meet the village people and kids as they live their everyday lives. One of the more exhausting trips, but it's definitely rewarding. South Yasawas has craggy volcano tops with tops overlooking the nearby isles and the sea.

Some of the archipelago's archipelago offers kayak tours that take you away from the resorts to find the best places. Your tour leader knows the best routes, the best snorkeling places over a cliff, the most beautiful sandy beach and can tell you about it all.

It is one of the most astonishing experience nature has to provide. Every single peninsula every single working days, these gorgeous, grandiose beings come to this special canal between two isles to eat from the tides. This is a great way to end the outing in Fiji! You are in Fiji in relaxing modus, so all you need to do is indulge in a luxury island massages and unwind a little more.

The resort is typical for its simplicity, but on a nice sandy shore. OPTIONALS are contained in the accomodation fee and the packs are in all 1 Coconut features and most 2 Coconut features. The dishes are easy, the stuffing and the 2 coconut characteristics generally provide more variation and dishes. The 2 coconut characteristics, which have a meal plan for an additional charge, are indicated in the'Island Escapes' and the packet deatils.

Obligatory meals packs to be paid directly to the resorts (in FJD):

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