What to do in Vanuatu Vacation

Things to do in Vanuatu

It is recommended that travellers take out health insurance. The largest island in Vanuatu, Santo is an outdoor adventure paradise. Divers of all levels are taken to our reefs and wrecks.

Vacation Vanuatu - Only for two persons

to make the ultimative trip to the islands. The Vanuatu is a vacation spot where you can do as little or as much as you want! They are the best in Port Vila (in our modest opinion!) and also cheap. Favorably situated just off the beaten track in Port Vila, outside the city it is enough to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Those isolated automobiles are so much fun! Built for convenience and simple to ride, take your insular adventure to a whole new standard with stunning scenery as you cruise around our lovely insular home. Those automobiles can run with one gas station around the whole isle, and they're willing to go!

With a guide that shows you where to go and how to get there, exploring Efate with the breeze in your head and the tan on your face - you won't soon get over your BNFree Island Cars outing. So whether you're looking for a 2 or 200-person pie, Fantasy can make a one-of-a-kind slice of eatable artwork to enhance your Vanuatu tropic weddings, birthdays or functions with a hint of magical flair.

We offer pies for Port Vila Resort and places around Efate and the Outlands. Best in Class, gold, silver and bronze medalists at Vanuatu Chef's Association's 2006 cuisine fairs are proud to work in close collaboration with their customers to design a pie that fits their particular styles - from formally and traditionally to fancy and crazy.

If you are using Facebook, please look for Cake Fantasy Vanuatu. Coongoola Sunday Cruise is a great way to Vanuatu. So what else do you need? You' ll be visiting Moso Iceland, the wonderful archipelago with the tortoise reserve that plays a very proactive part in the reproduction of the populations of englangered siblings.

Afterwards, more sail, more food....then VERY good snorkeling from the southwestern side of the isle. The travel rates includes transfer from and to your cottage. Divi?s is located in Mangaliliu, about 5 min southeast of Havannah in the northwest of Efate. It is the ideal place to end a trip around the islands or to spend the rest of the day there and watch the sun set with one or three drinks.

Divi is a simple tappas counter and a place where you can enjoy simple and perfectly prepared cuisine. Inspired by her own gardens, the menus change with the season. Services are great all year round and it is great to see new companies flourish in the northwest edge of Efate.

You are in the Erakor Lagoon, in the centre of Port Vila. There are two different types of trips available, an Efate round trip and a trip to the breathtaking Pele Isle. John's trip to the islands begins at Activ Handicrafts and its confectionery plant, including Blue Lagoon, a trip to a town and a local college, a culture trip, lunches & snacks.

The full excursion starts with a coach journey to Emua Wharf in North Efate, followed by a cruise to the Isle. There, the chieftain welcomes the visitor, takes them on a guided visit to the villages and then leaves them for snorkelling, swimming and relaxing. The Lelepa is an unspoilt gem in the port of Havannah.

Swimming, snorkeling, exploring old caverns, feasting, learning, relaxing.... the Lelepa Iceland Day Tour is beautiful and makes you feel at ease and serene. Snorkeling from the back of the archipelago is spectacular, as it can only be accessed by sea and lies in shallow waters, so it remains unaffected by the sea and the fins!

Locals are very proud of their archipelago and welcome you to find out why. Efate is best discovered on an archipelago cruise with a native. The Manples Tours is a real, regionally managed company.

It is an all-day trip that looks at the major tourist features from the comforts of an air-conditioned coach. It is a very good route and very recommendable. You will find many Thai massages salons in Port Vila. As an alternative, some shops provide massages at very competitive rates. To have our professional masseur come to your Efate vacation home, please send us an e-mail.

of volcanic soil and distinguished itself from other similar companies in Vanuatu with its products. The Papaya Villa is a truly enchanting retreat in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Spend a whole afternoon exploring the archipelago. Sightseeing.... and best of all, you visit us in Port Vila with a coffee au lait.

Pele Island is located off the northern shore of Efate. Accessible by plane, you can take a trip with Evergreen Tours, a regional travel agency. There is a small charge for the use of the beaches and you will be left in blessed tranquility for the time being.

This is the place, the very place! This three-shell cruiser is your home for the whole family while you can see the genuine Vanuatu. Surroundings are wonderful, especially at sundown, and the genuine Japaneese tea is great. Drink sparkling wines, champagnes, the delicious regional beers and enjoy the choice of warm and cool fingers while watching the sundown on this unfortunate trip.

Departure from Le Café du Vila in the centre of Port Vila. amanu on the Beach in White Sands is a nice, relaxing yet sophisticated eating adventure. It is made with the freshest regional produce and complemented by wines from France, Australia and New Zealand. There is also a dinning room for those who want to celebrate something more.

Havannah was conceived as a child-free haven and is the ideal romantically attractive traveler. Located at the wonderful harbour of Havannah with a view of the island of Lelepa, you will enjoy a quiet cocktail while the South Pacific sundown. From Havannah it's a 25-minute ride to and from the top of Klem's Hill with stunning vistas of Vila and Mele Bay!

There is also Havannah Beach nearby, a wonderful beach that you can reach from the resor. Vanuatu Helicopters is the perfect way to see the South Pacific from the sky with a multitude of exciting sightseeing sights. Have you always wanted to pamper someone with a relaxing and relaxing holiday on your own isle?

Heli lunch gourmet trips are one-of-a-kind, breath-taking, perfect. The Vanuatu is the ideal place to celebrate the beginning of your common lifestyle as a family. It' s relaxing, nice, warm and unforgettable. And not with a specialist who plans your outing for you. Because it' so easy, a tropic marriage is so good.

All you need is a breathtaking venue, great get-togethers and great meals and wines for the best outing. Most of our cottages, beach houses and luxurious residences are the ideal place for your weddings. Unwind after the ceremonies while the professionals come to you with a delicious selection of juicy locally grown sea foods and grassy meat, deliciously prepared champagnes and the renowned Ni-Vanuatu-smiles!

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