What to do in Tahiti Bora Bora

Why are Bora Bora Bora Bora in Tahiti?

When you leave, take the time to examine other islands. We' ll answer your questions and make it easy and pleasant to plan your trip. " All our competitors do, so the tourists expect it. You ever see blue or green so vivid it hurts your eyes? Stuff we couldn't do:

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No one fortunate enough to see Bora Bora can be blinded. Bora Bora is the absolute heaven on this planet with crystal clear shores, emerald green summits, hot water and enchanting cottages in sharp contrasts to the endless blues of the world. Near the Aiport on the small sand isle of Motu Mute you get a first impression of Bora Bora Bora and you have already fell in Love with the French Polynesian super star.

The famous charms of Bora Bora do not stop, however. Bora Bora's indigenous fishermen's day-to-day fishing is shown on the screen so you know exactly what is available that night. For the beverage you should try, go to your Bloody Mary! Were you aware that a Bora Bora distribution centre was built during the Second World War, caused by the 1941 Pearl Harbor bombings?

On the way there are several viewpoints from which one has a breath-robbing view of Bora Boras constantly varying range of different water. Cycle around Vaitape. Drive through Vaitape, the capital of Bora Bora, and explore sidewalk cafes and jewellery stores. Vaitape is also home to the island's lagoonarium, the most beautiful naturally occurring fish tank, and Sibani Perle is also there for those looking for pearls in dark brown!

Take Mt. Pahia. The helicopter flights are great and all that, but the breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view of Bora Bora from Mount Pahia could embarrass the helicopter world. At an altitude of 661 meters, Mount Pahia is one of the three peaks of Bora Bora (Otemanu and Ohue are the other two) and from up there you are welcomed by the views of dark bluish bands of waters around the islands lined with whitewater, pools speckled with corals and sugar-white sands.

However, it is a six-hour walk back from Vaitape and the path can be particularly hard in the rain. Notify your hotelier that you plan to resize Pahia so that it can help you find a trusted leader. When Pahia Mountain is too much for you or your schedule doesn't allow it, there are much simpler and short hikes in Bora Bora's hills.

The Bora Bora is full of personal beach, but there is one that is free to the general population and is at least rewarding a whole days of bumbling. The Matira is a classical example of a South Pacific beach that is often named in the list of the most beachs. You multiply that by three and you will have an impression of Bora Bora's coral gardens.

To find out more about the main tourist sites and events in Bora Bora and other Polynesian isles, please contact our Tahiti professional staff on 1300 858 305.

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