What to do in Lanai for a Day

The kind of day you can do in Lanai

Completing your dream holiday in Hawaii, venture on the Munro Trail - the only place where you can see all six Hawaiian islands at once. The Garden of the Gods free. So much to see and do in Lanai. When you take the ferry, you should know that it makes seven trips a day from Maui. However, this does not mean that the island lacks activities.

on lana'i island: how to get there, what to do!

We have heard from our readership that your customers asked: "What's going on on Lanai Island"? The Four Seasons Resort Lanai and their new Iceland Adventure Center staff have started some excellent day visitor outings. Built in the state of Washington at Mavrik Marine, the 70' Katamaran was destined for sleek and steady crossing to and from Lahaina and Manele Harbour on Lanai.

Expedition offers five daily tours across the Auau Canal, making it simple to get to Lanai for a day of adventures and thrill. Lanai's new activities involve horse back rides through forested highland paths, sightseeing on a UTV trip with experienced native guide and the discovery of unspoilt Hawaii on this unspoilt and secluded isle.

This November's latest add-on is the Lanai Arena and Shot Range, where visitors can go inland to "aim" at sound and bowing. Discover Lanai's rough, impassable trails in a Polaris UTV (4-Wheel Utility Terrain Vehicle) culturtour. Weaving through Lanai's extensive iron-wood woods and luxuriant valley around the Palawai Basin for inspirational views of the neighbouring isles.

Manoeuvring the paths, they share their understanding of the islands historical, environmental and tourist attractions, which have only recently been discovered through conservation work focusing on the management of the development of invertebrate life and the improvement of roads repairs, making this new approach possible. Transport to and from the Adventure Center is inclusive.

You can also arrange a two- or three-hour, individually led solarium in a Razor or Ranger UTV. A 24 hours reservation is necessary, the transport to and from theenture centre is inclusive. You can book your own breakfasts as an additional enjoyment. Ride out into the rolling countryside around Koele, once the island's livestock centre, and take advantage of an alternate way to discover the woody valley and paths of the exceptional highlands with the services and styles you await from Four Seasons.

Daily rates are $195 per day. Transport to and from the Adventure Center is inclusive. Equestrian and Island Adventures Manager Keith Moon leads the equestrian operation. Moon, a former Wyoming cowboys, blacksmiths and big wild hunters, with over 40 years of equestrian expertise, is bringing his animal, farming and animal skills to Lanai to help build one-of-a-kind and rewarding programmes for resort and day visitors.

Last months Lanai Four Seasons styled range was opened! Away from the unspoilt shores of Hulopoe Bay, with dolphin spinners and stunning scenery, the Lanai Arena and Shot Range offers a range of tailor-made courses for the beginner and outings for those with more experience in sound and arc.

This 14-station sports field in the beautiful forested highlands of Lanai requires riflemen of all abilities, regardless of ages, sizes and experiences. Take an introduction to weapon security and consciousness, course regulations & firing labels, instructions and the necessary equipment to get on course in the shortest possible timeframe.

There is also a five-storey smaller range for beginner shooters with 8 goals and a nine range shoot-square. One of the three main events of dove shootings, the skeet shows goals cast from two high and low sites or "houses". On the 8-point range, you can target 3-D animals such as turkeys, stags, T-Rex, rams or wild pigs or target conventional arcing target from 5 to 25 metres away.

Bow shooting - from $75 per student for an introduction class of one to one. Prices are inclusive of transport from Four Seasons Resort Lanaienture Center, excluding Tax. Any of these adventurous events can be reserved by phone at 808-565-2072 or by e-mail at adventure.lanai@fourseasons.com. Booking an expedition activities pack, which includes a return journey by boat from Maui and port transfer, is available at http://www.go-lanai. com or by phone at 661-3756.

Lana'i Four Seasons Resort offers Lanai visitors ultra luxurious accommodation on an unspoilt and unspoilt archipelago with a simple rhythm of being. It truly mirrors Hawaii as it should be. LANAI GUIDE, an innovative and free online application from Lanai Culture & Heritage Center and its managing partner Kepa Maly, is a great reward.

You' ll find out so much about our island's neighbours by downloading this application! For seasons resort Lanai.

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