What Time is it in Molokai Hawaii

So what time is it in Molokai Hawaii?

I'm looking for a full-time route salesman on Maui. Previous knowledge of sales is an advantage, but we train the right candidate. Reaction time: within a few hours. Take a step back in time and relax, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of two islands. Kawakakakai, Molokai[Hawaii];

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62. yearly Molokai Hoe boom races from Molokai to Oahu on October 12. See it all on-line in real time.

It is an unforeseeable and often difficult 41-mile trip from Molokai to Oahu across the Kaiwi Canal. This sun, 12 October, will once again see more than 1,000 canoeists cross in Hawaii' traditionally built boom boats for the 662nd Molokai High. Ho, expressed "ho-eh", without Glottalstopp, is the Hawaiian term for "paddling" or "the act of paddling".

Molokai Hoe is a continuation of one of Hawaii's most important culture tradition - similar kayaks helped the colonisation of the islands and were an integrated part of early HAWAII. The Molokai Hoe crew will fight the ever-changing Kaiwi Canal in one- hull and six-boat rafts during the cross. However, the war is a major part of the Hoe's attraction, and probably prevents the state and international contestants from coming back every year.

At about 8 a.m. after a typical racing days at 7:15 a.m. the boats start from Hale o Lono Harbor off Molokai's western side and in the early afternoon the audience will see the first boats around Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head and Waikiki on the southern bank of Oahu before they land at Ft. DeRussy Beach.

The front-runners of last year made the cross in 4 hrs, 53 min and 35 sec and arrived less than a min before their next race. Participants of Molokai Hoe on their way to the destination past Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach in Oahu. There will be several hundred people at the finishing line, but if you can't be there, don't worry.

Film material filmed on the sea and by chopper will be broadcasted on the website of the conference from 7:45 a.m. (Hawaii time). Molokai Hoe is one of the oldest seasonal Hawaiian sports teams competitions. It was the first competition, which took place in October 1952, with only three rival wooden jib cannoes of six men each.

At that time the route was 38 miles long and began in Molokai's Kawakiu Bay in the northwest. Our first kayak arrived at Waikiki - on the shore in front of today's Moana Surfrider - 8 hrs. and 55 min. later. Oahu Canoe Racing Association organises the Oahu Challenge, and this year's main sponsorship is Hawaiian Airlines.

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