What Time is it in Koror Palau right now

Now what time is it in Koror Palau?

Above table shows the height and times of low and high tide for Koror, Palau Islands. This is the current local time in Koror and all cities of Palau. Difference in time between Mesquite, USA and Koror, Palau. A question that almost every diver and traveller who wants to dive in Palau is concerned with: The Palau Central Hotel in Koror offers accommodation with garden and terrace.

Tides and tides table for Koror

The next HIGH IDE in Koror is at, which is in from now on. Nearest LOW in Koror is at, that's in from now on. Koror time is . Refer to the Koror Tidal Charts and Tides underneath. The tides are +09 (UTC +9.0hrs).

In the last spring the flood was in Koror on July 30th (height: 1.85m 6.1ft). The next spring flood in Koror takes place on 28 August (height: 1.95 m). Zero point tide: -. qororor thide charts. Koror's greatest known elevation is 2.35 metres 7.7 inches. Coror Tides graph key: Above table shows the altitude and time of low and high tides for Koror, Palau Islands.

A blinking point in the middle indicates the current time. Amber shades correspond to the light of day between dawn and dusk at Koror.

Messquite and Koror time differences, distances and time to fly

It is 8121.3 miles (13069.9 kilometers / 7052.5 nautical miles) from Mesquite to Koror. Estimated time to fly non-stop from Mesquite, Texas to Koror, Palau: 16 hours, 51 minutes. The daylight saving time is taken into consideration when calculating the hourly differences between Mesquite and Koror.

The Mesquite is in the CDT - Central Daylight Time Area and is currently monitoring daylight saving time. Daylight savings time ends on 04 November 2018 in Mesquite. Qoror is in the PWT - Palau time zones and does not currently have daylight savings time. Mesquite and Koror currently have a time gap of 14:0 h.

The daylight savings time is taken into consideration when calculating the hourly differences between these two towns. From Mesquite to Koror the route is 8121.3 or 13069.9 kilometres. That is the immediate flight path or the flight path during the flight.

Measuring time to Koror time (CDT to PWT): Measquite coordinates: latitude: Width: 7° 30' North, Longitude: 134° 30' East.

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