What's Happening in Fiji today

What's happening in Fiji today?

Fiji ANU students for an island sustainability trip. Swimming in 2018 What is the official beginning and end date of the meeting? Does the eventpackage include flight and accomodation? to talk about and make your booking? Will I need to spend the night at Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa and take a flight to Fiji Airways to be able to participate?

Is there a way to backup one of the 200 Swim-Event-Packs or 100 Supporter-Event-Packs? . I' m going swimming and on vacation. It will take place from Thursday night, 13 September to the early mornings of 17 September. There is a choice of arriving in Fiji a few nights in advance and/or staying a few additional nights afterwards to find the right workout for you.

Will I need to buy a Supporter Pack to participate? But if you would rather relax at the Denarau hotelpool and do your own thing, you are still welcome to come to Fiji with your swim attendant, but cannot take advantage of a supporters pack.

What does it cost to take kids with you if they don't swim? Childrens aged 4 - 15 years (on the date of the event) are NZD$599. Free for kids under 4 years (on the date of the event). I have made my down payment, what is the best way to reserve my flight and accommodations for the meeting? to make your reservation.

The majority of the area will be occupied by leisure and people. When you can swimm well on the stretch you have covered in the sea, you will feel good. In Fiji everything is quite relaxing and so we will be, but if you are still afloat 45 minutes after the 1km and 2 after the 3km starts respectively, we have to bring you quickly into our security vessel so that you are closer to the finishing line.

We' re working with Ian Muller from Fiji Surf and his amazing crew of skilled rescue swimmers. How do the swimming lessons look like? .... What is your return and transfer policies? We do not refund or transfer your Swimmer or Supporter Pack. What is the due date for my swimm pack or support pack?

Which is the minimal participation period? Aged at the beginning of the course. Youngswimers with extraordinary skills can be admitted at the exclusive option of Scott Rice, Director of the Tour. Airport-tours are not inclusive and must be arranged as part of your flight/accommodation booking.

I' d like to go swimming and turn it into a great vacation for the whole families - can you help? for great package tours thanks to our eventsponsors. Where can I find out that I have won one of the 200 swimming competitions offered? and pay - you are in! Yahoo! when do registration for the 2018 edition end?

Unless booked out in advance, registration for the 2018 events will be closed on Friday, 17 August 2018 at 5 pm. Is there going to be an 2019 meeting? Yes, but the date for this meeting has not yet been fixed.

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