What Language is Spoken in American Samoa

Which language is spoken in American Samoa?

Main languages spoken at home. The American Samoa shows the number of people who speak a non-English language, indicating a shift in usage from Samoan to English. Samoa Independent State has two official languages: The most important export partners are American Samoa and Australia.

Encyclopaedia of Christianity in the Global South

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Spoken language in American Samoa

You know how to order your meal in Catalan? Speak to the American Samoa natives with our Catalan phrasebook. This Catalan phrasebook shows you how to say the everyday sentences for ordering meals in American Samoa cuisine. You can order your Catalan Language pronunciation manual from Catalan Language Forms.

Spanish Language Lessons Online for Beginers - There are several free Catalan language classes for newcomers, with fundamental Catalan sentences and videoclips that will help you speak Catalan words simply. Catalog Language Lessons Online for Business - Are you looking for Catalan language classes for you or your employees?

There are several Catalan language school in your area offering one-to-one or small Catalan courses. The Catalan Language Resources help you master Catalan idioms such as flash card review and Catalan language spreadsheet tutorials to help you memorize. Catalan Language Applications allow you to keep your extensive Catalan language glossary and Catalan practice books at home and download these Catalan portable applications that allow you to speak Catalan in no time at all.

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