What is the Latitude of Auckland new Zealand

Auckland New Zealand: What is the latitude of Auckland New Zealand?

It is located in southern Spain, on a similar latitude to Malaga and Tunis. We work in a range of services, industries and sectors in New Zealand and overseas. They' re the Auckland Islands and the Campbell Islands. Map of Auckland, Greater Auckland, New Zealand, Oceania. Wilson Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.

Latitude and relative position of New Zealand hemisphere

DEGREE AND LONGTH: Situated in the South Pacific, South East Australia, New Zealand is situated in both the South and East Hemisphere. The Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean surround this insular area. In what part of the globe is New Zealand? The windiest city in the whole wide canyon?

Service flat Latitude 37, Auckland

The Latitude 37 are shop flats situated on the banks of Auckland's Viaduct Harbour. Each unit has a complete kitchen with separate lounge and eating area. There is also a utility room and SKY TV-sat. A number of rooms have several storeys, several toilets and separate deckrooms. The Latitude 37 offers free Wi-Fi throughout.

Close by are Lava Dining, Boracay Garden Restaurant and Major Sprout. The Victoria Park and local transport are within comfortable walk. The New Zealand Maritime Museum is a brief journey away where you can visit Fullers Ferries and Britomart.

Northern New Zealand

When New Zealand could be taken on an imaginary trip to the other side of the world, so that it lies in the northern hemisphere at the same latitude as currently in the southern hemisphere, then it would appear on a worldmap there. It has been designed so that towns that were on the eastern shore stay on the eastern shore, while towns that were in the northern shore now lie in the southern shore.

It is clear that New Zealand extends quite far from northern to southern, starting at the same latitude as central France and ending in northern Africa. When we look at where New Zealand's towns would be, we see something like this: - Dunedin would be in the Bay of Biscay, on a similar latitude to La Rochelle and Lyon.

  • Christchurch is located on the northern Spanish coastline, on a similar latitude to Bilbao, Toulouse and Florence. - Wellington is located near the northern Portugal-Spain frontier, on a similar latitude to Barcelona and Naples. - Auckland is located in the south of Spain, on a similar latitude to Malaga and Tunis.

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