What is the Currency of Samoa

So what's the currency of Samoa?

Administering Samoa Currency Converter | WST Exchange Rate. Samoa's official currency is Samoan Tala. Samoan Tala's ISO code is WST, and the symbol is $. Use this simple currency tool to quickly convert Samoan Tala to British Pounds.

The Tala Samoa

Those are the 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 talas. In the past Samoa was connected to New Zealand in political terms, but this ended in 1962. As a result, the Talas was born and has been in use ever since. It' also worth saying to your local merchant or your local merchant that you are in Samoa so that they do not doubt the use of the cardhold.

Travellers checks are also welcome in Samoa. You can use this utility to get the current currency quote between the valley and your home currency. You can see how many talas you can get for each of your own currency units before you go.

It is a great place with many good reason why you want to go. However, it can be great to be seduced with more information about Samoa long before arrival. For this purpose you can go to the Samoa Tourism Authority's website http://www.samoa.travel/.

That makes you want more! However, you should know one thing: Samoa is exposed to the cyclone from times to times, especially between the beginning of November and the end of April. Also, keep everything you do not need with you in your safety deposit box.

This is really the best step you can take to keep everything secure. Samoa's capitol is a town named Apia. The most important sight of the town is the beautiful Uhrturm. So if you want to see a more energetic show of Mother Earth, why not go to the Alofaaga Blowholes?

You' re gonna have to buy some talas to see her, but it's well-worn. You may want to take a hike up Mount Vaea if the thought of discovering Samoa is more appealing than going to the water. Undoubtedly you have seen these slender and rather shaky looking jumping up and down from the tree; now you can try to walk over one to see what you think!

One never knows what to see or find in the rain forest, but the best way to see one is a round-trip. There are so many different reason why Samoa is very attractive. Anything you like to do on your holidays, and whether you want an activity pause or a sluggish one, it seems Samoa can check all the box for you.

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