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About the Melanesian way of life?

Each Papua New Guinea community has a traditional culture that is usually very unique. This traditional culture is part of our Melanesian lifestyle, with which our ancestors have lived for many years. The first answer is - by their actions or omissions, you will know. For me, the peaceful, non-violent and personal way in which the conflict between the Bougainville government and Papua New Guinea has been resolved is a proud tribute to the wisdom of the Melanesians. It's a Melanesian way.

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Each Papua New Guinea municipality has a tradition that is usually very special. There are about 840 different tongues and our ancient civilizations are almost the same size. Those ancient civilizations are part of our Melanesian way of life, with which our forefathers have lived for many years.

As we modernise, we have learned that our culture and tradition are old-fashioned, that they hinder the process of national construction and that we should totally ignore them and embrace new ways of life. I' d have them raised in the town so that for the remainder of their life they should have a spiritual backdrop of land and tree and a clear, clear sky and the scent of the land and the richness of culture and tradition.

Anything they could later learn would have evolved more easily and more abundantly on this fundamental civilization than it does in the city boy. Papuan New Guinea's wealth of ancient civilisations and tribal regimes can be destroyed if they are not practised on a regular and impassioned basis, duly documented and conserved, and proud and fully upheld.

Today, the young people must practise the wealthy culture of the land in order to preserve it for the coming age-groups. We will lose our tradition and culture if it is not transmitted. New Guinea has very singular civilizations and lifestyles, but these were highly endangered with occidental influences.

Mixing one crop with another also had the capacity to destroy crops. It is a challenging task to maintain our civilisations by practising them and integrating them into our life. It is important to maintain our civilizations and not be dependent on others. Considering the fact that they are still in the middle of the shift from breeding buffaloes to computer-controlled agro-technology, Africans in Asia such as South Korea, China and Japan appreciate their crops and traditions so much that they still do so.

We' re Melanesian and we' re Melanesian and we' re dying Melanesian. As a Melanesian, our kids will continue to be Melanesian and the generation will continue to have their own identity - the Melanesian Way. Only if you don't see a hint of a Melanesian civilization that we cease to be.

So, if we do not nourish our kids with our Melanesian culture and tradition, our language, our dance, our folklore and song, our fashions, even the whole of our Melanesian lifestyle, our futures will loose their identities and we will wonder if we are Australians, Indonesians or just a country of shadow that blends into forms and black spots.

Papua New Guinea's wealthy and varied patrimony is in a state of capture and conservation that is shock and "absolutely shameful". Givers and developing countries must realise that the conservation of Papua New Guinea's ancient civilizations and native system of science and education is a truly global contribution to the planet. It is important for the futures of our young people and our country, because it secures a past, a past, a present and certainly a new one.

Our kids hold the destiny of this country. You are ours! They must bear our identities - the Melanesian Way. It is not only a question of returning to the traditions of the past. This is the embodiment of a people's approach to the challenges of contemporary technologies, which are an important factor in evolution and advancement.

"It is very important to include such an important part of our past in our general nationwide evolutionary processes, because civilization as a power has both its own economical and its own politic implications in the life of every country. Its simplicity in the importance of civilization is that without civilization a citizen is as good as dead, wiped off the face of the face of the earth, wiped out and an existential life without honour and appreciation.

And the only way to erase a nation from the face of the planet is to take its civilization away. "If we speak of independence, self-sufficiency and a sense of identity at the heart of our nation's evolution, we call our cultural heritage the source of all politics, whether of an education, societal, political, medicinal or economic nature.

Therefore, our policies of domestic developpement would be dependent on our cultural knowledge, the adjustment of its components for policy, education and economy as well as its strength for inclusion and developpment. It is currently enrolled with the Investment Promotion Authority (Reg. 5-3063) under the Papua New Guinea Associations Incorporation Act in June 2007 and participates in those societies that involve young individuals and schoolchildren to maintain, revitalize, support and safeguard our ancient world.

Its main goals are the revival of culture through workshop and the preservation through literary (writing) and documentary (filming and recording) activities. We now invite interested Papuan New Guinea residents to become members and help us in our efforts to revitalize, maintain, promote und safeguard our ancient culture.

They are needed to revitalize our moribund civilization and to save it for our kids in theuture. Now you can join us for a suitably cultivated Papua New Guinea tomorrow: The members of the organisation should publish and provide information about their own indigenous traditions in order to promote, maintain, revitalise and protect them.

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