What is an Atoll Island

Atoll Island?

Most atolls in the South Pacific are found in the middle of the ocean. What is remarkable is that very little of the coastal erosion around the Atoll Islands to date can be attributed to climate change. It is a small, uninhabited island, surrounded by a rocky, coral-red atoll, a circular reef. Geological stability and existence of low-lying atoll states is threatened by rising sea levels and climate change. Atoll in the Ralik chain of the Marshall Islands.

An atoll, riff or island? Belize is our holiday resort with all three of them

A lot of folks who come to us are puzzled about the differences between an atoll and an island. You will find Long Caye Island on Glover's Atoll, also known as Glover's Reef. Many times we are told "I want to go to your island, Glover's Reef. And if you're not sure what an atoll is, I just hopefully this will help.

An atoll is made of corals. It is a small creature, usually about 1/4 long, living in vast settlements. This single creature is known as a "polyp". Korallenpolyp is taking mineral from the ocean to build their home. Though different types produce different forms, the texture of the corals often looks like a large cliff with amazing texture on the top.

The zooxanthell ("zoh-zan-THELL-ee") is a symmetrical relation between human beings and plants. As this is an important species for reefs, reefs grow near the seabed to get closer to the sundown. It is the plants that need the light of the day, not the animals of the underwater world. They have to settle somewhere.

Thus, any harsh surfaces in a place that promotes core development will soon be coated with corals. There are many who think that etolls have to be associated with vulcanic activities. In the Pacific, most of the stone structure to which corals are fixed is of vulcanic origins.

There' even a submerged boat with corals on it. There are only 4 Caribbean atolls: Lighthouse Reef et Glover's Reef. For a more detailled plan of Belize with the position of all four atols, please go to our website. This atoll is located where it is due to several submarine guidelines that emerged when the Pangaea supercontinent collapsed some 250 million years ago.

Collapsing into today's protocontinents, he created several submarine but flat mountain ranges off the coasts of today's Belize and Mexico, a place for corals. Belize Barrier Reef was built on two of these mountain ranges, and the Belize and Mexico atols were also built on two of them.

Initially, real archipelagos were created where the four atols are now located. However, as the coastlines gradually began to drift apart, this area too began to decline, so that the corals that were fortified on the fringes of these isles could keep growing to remain close to the sun, to the advantage of the Zoo Light. What was left after all the drift and sink were 4 circles of corals in the center of the sea.

islets that have grown on these circles of corals. We have 4 Glover's Reef islets, one at Banco Chinchorro, three at Lighthouse Reef and a lot of Turneffe islets that have never been sunk. For more information about Belize Atolle, please see our website.

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