What does Molokai mean

The Molokai?

Word-origin of'Molokai' What does Molokai mean? Average annual rainfall, Molokai, Hawaii. The Molokai holiday apartment in the Kephui Beach Resort in the west of Molokai. The Mapulehu watershed occurs on the island of Molokaÿi. And the Hawaiian meaning of the name is.

Whawaiian for Molokai?

An intertwined isle..... Aloha. Since many Hawaiian words are conceptional and are not limited to a given, specific term, a single term can have many connotations or be used in many interrelations. Several of its connotations are enumerated. You can find more connotations if you look at the term of the defining term and not only at its connotation.

A few connotations are: kindness, morals, moral quality, right or right process, Excellency, prosperity, wealth, well-being, good, use, justice, saké, real state or character, obligation; morally, reasonably, right, just, right, upright, just, virtue, fair, useful, successfully, in impeccable order, exactly, right, facilitated, lightened; should, should, should, must, need to be. "Hawaiian Mana Loa means "great power."

The majority of Hawaiian type of tattoo is known as Maori or Polish tattoo. It is a type of tattooling that was made popular by the Hawaiian tribes and is part of their cultures. Noun: A natives or inhabitants of Hawaii. From or in relation to Hawaii, its peoples or its languages. In Hawaii, Asyha doesn't matter because it's a name.

Aloha. Usually we just say the words showera (and give the movement of the hand), or just say irie[i-ray] (something that was lent into the tongue by the Rasta-Waians. Hawaii's eastern end of Molokai is home to some of the best windsurfing in the country. "Pau is a very common term here in HawaiiÊ "i.

One of the most popular words in Hawaii, Pau is also known as al-ha, maika'i and heran. Alloha:: The last generation of queens and monarchs who reigned in Hawaii were enthusiastic fans of the ukelele and played and wrote with it. For Hawaiians, it brings them back to a different timeframe in which they governed their own land without the impact of big corporations and commerce.

On Hawaii you will learn about the protecting powers of the Aumakuas, a series of tattoos around the ankles that hold shark in check. In Hawaiian, the "e" is used to indicate the imperative form, or when someone is addressed in the second one. Hot stone is a bones or green stone sculpture in the form of a heavily styled fishing hooks, characteristic of the MÄori in New Zealand.

In the MÄori legends, the North Island of New Zealand was once a giant fishing rod that the great sailor Maui only used to catch with a line and a hooks from his grandmother's jaw.

MÄori for the northern isle, Te Ika a Maui ("The Seafish of Maui") mirrors this myth. To the MÄori the hot spring is a cultural heritage. It also describes the importance of fisheries for MÄori and their relation to Tangaroa, the deity of the ocean. Alloha:: Nakela in happyiian, not Nakaylah.

Bathword means filthy sexual intercourse or intercourse with wicked souls. On Hawaii it means "kapakahi" (LOL). Alloha: the wand of Hawaii, a kind of potato puree made from boiled tara (a plant). ¡Áloha! Alloha:: I speak fluently in Hawaii and have been living in Hawaii all my Iife.

If you would like more of Hawaii' s translation from either Spanish into Spanish or the other way round, I would suggest you go to woewehe.com and enter the words in one of the two languages in the menu area. When you click on the button named é hollow (go), search for the right notation. Alloha:: It is the term "aloha". It means much more than it does in Englishs.

For HI'ian it means "the quintessence of life" Aloha: Alloha:: But the Hawaiian Falcon is an owl-looking beast - a pretty bird, and it is named `lo. Alloha:: This can mean one of these two things, according to how it is used: Alloha:: Alloha:: It is Keleko or Kaleki (kay-lay-ko or kah-lay-kee).

Alloha:: There' s no such thing in HI'ian. When you mean like a name, it is Kakeni, and means to go quietly (so quiet that you make no noise). Alloha:: There' s no mention of that name either. Alloha:: You' probably mean'how to say hello in Hawai`ian', because hello (if it was in HI`ian, it would mean hello).

They say hello and goodbye to AI. Al-oha: 1st High place; powerful, brave, strong. Alloha:: There are too many different connotations of this term. Alloha:: They may have been referring to Ailani, which is "from heaven" or "from the island"; at the moment the Molokai Lepra was founded, it was an outbreak.

The Molokai was the least used of the islands at that period, and there was room for the leprosy population. Founder thought it was important to keep leprous persons away from healthier persons, and the isolation of the settlement permitted this break.

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