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The Gwam?

The GWAM is the general typing speed, no matter how many mistakes you make. riffins with A Mission (Studentenclub) GWAM. This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of GWAM explains the definition or meaning and provides useful information about similar terms. Who is GWAM? So what is your formula for solving GWAM?


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It is GWAM (Gross Words a Minute).

Also called GWPM, which stands for Gross Words Per Minute, GWAM is the abbreviation for Gross Words a Minuten and is similar to WPM, except that it takes no mistakes into consideration. The GWAM is the general jogging rate, regardless of how many mistakes you make. The GWAM is often used as a measure for people who are just beginning to learn how to typ and are later superseded by WPM.

The GWAM can be computed by entering text from an alternative resource for 3-5 min and splitting the number of words by the mins. If you have entered 400 words in five mins, for example, GWAM is obtained by splitting 400 by 5, resulting in 80GWAM.

Scrabble GWAM | Words with friends & GWAM definitions

Can gwam be used with Skrabble? Others matches? GWAM in various dictionaries: In order to browse all of GWAM's scrapble diagrams, go: GWAM? Regular dictionary updates are maintained for almost every single match. In order to succeed in these boardgames, you must study as many words as possible, but to take your play to the next stage, you must also enhance your anagraming, orthography, census, and probabilities to the full.

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