What Continent is new Zealand Belong to

To which continent does New Zealand belong?

A-levels otázkyAngli?tinaAustralia and New Zealand. It is one of the leading exporters of beef, lamb, wool, oats, hay, sugar, wine, fruit and vegetables. This is what makes Zealandia the eighth continent on earth.

Sealandia - Plays that collapse for the continent we didn't know we had | World Newscasts

A new continent in the South West Pacific, Zealandia is one stage nearer to recognition, say the writers of a new work. According to a document in GSA Today, the magazine of the Geological Society of America, the huge, continual expansion of the continent's volcanic rust, which is concentrated in New Zealand, is clear enough to form a continent of its own.

The area of the island is almost 5 km2, 94% of which is underwater, and includes not only New Zealand but also New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, the Lord Howe Island Group and the Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs. "It' a big plot of land we're discussing, even when it's underwater," says Nick Mortimer, a New Zealand surveyor who co-authored the work.

In the last 20 years, the geologist has advocated that Zealand has repeatedly been recognized as a continent in its own right. Bruce Luyendyk was the first US based earth physicist to use the name Zealandia on a southwest Pacific continent in 1995. He and co-writers of the GNS Science Research Institute and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, the Service Géologique of New Caledonia and the University of Sydney's School of Geosciences claim that Zealandia has the geology necessary to be regarded as a continent.

He said he and other scientists began assembling the immersed continent with the publication of a bathymetric chart in 2002. He said there had been no Zealandia official projects "a step-by-step procedure..... "New Zealand is not just a few small islets on the bottom of the world," Fairfax Media New Zealand said with a triumph.

The University of Melbourne geoscientist Barry Kohn, who had worked with Mortimer on Zealandia in the past, said there was a "fair agreement in the academic community" for his being. Said the excavated rocks from the area were clearly a" fairly continuous" and delineated continentally.

However, despite proof that Zealandia would be widely recognized as the 7th continent, it is dependent on the story, Mortimer said.

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