What can you do in Kauai Hawaii

So what can you do in Kauai Hawaii?

Right behind Waimea Canyon State Park is Koke'e State Park. Activities in Kauai. The Hanapepe Town is an ideal place to eat, shop or just explore. In Kalamaku you can immerse yourself in the legends of ancient Hawaii. Overnight on Kauai for sightseeing.

The Top 5 Free Activities in Kauai- Hawaii

What's good about Kauai and all of Hawaii's islands is that all good activity is (in my opinion) free: great beach, surfing, canyoning, and some of the best walks in the game. In order to do these things on Kauai, you need to rent a vehicle. Kalalau Trail follows the Na Pali coast for 11 mile through the valley.

I' d suggest you bring a marquee and some provisions and camp at Kalalau Beach at the end of the trails. It is also possible for less advanced walkers. On the first 2 mile of the trails lead to Hanakapiai Beach and give the hiker a foretaste of what is to come.

Hanakapiai Beach offers walkers a choice of 2 mile walk to Hanakapiai Falls or along the Kalalau Trail. The Hanakapiai Falls are definitely warrant the additional 4 mile ( "round trip") if you have enough power and patience. It is often referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific".

There are several viewpoints and stops along the Waimea Strait to visit the cayon. The Waimea Kanyon viewpoint is the most famous. Skilled walkers can walk down to the valleys or to the waterfalls. Here you can reserve a tour to Waimea Avenue. Kalalua Valleysookout is the most iconsque picture of the island and for good reasons.

This viewpoint is at the end of the street, past Waimea Canyon. There' s a viewpoint from above, but the more adventure-loving travelers can dare to go down to the waterfalls. At the viewpoint you leap over the gate and when you have reached the end, go down the path.

This is Poipu Beaches - Kauai's number 1 and for good reasons. When you want to spend a restful days on the sea, go to Poipu. Poipu's Spouting Horn, an activity snowhole or if you are looking for an eventful days at Poipu Strand, you can rent snorkeling, dive and zip-food-trips.

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