What can you buy in Vanuatu

Can you buy anything in Vanuatu?

Is there a restriction on who can buy property in Vanuatu? Is it possible to borrow money from local banks in Vanuatu to buy a property? Pleated travel map of the islands of Vanuatu. It's important to feed in the tropics. They will leave their families and settle in the market for two weeks.

Shopping in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a pleasure to shop, so get a free map (from the Port Vila Vanuatu Tourism Office in the Pilioko buildings opposite the Sound Centre) and explore a colorful mix of Franco, British and Melanese culture. Chinatown (behind the highway ) and the square are good places to look for colorful sarong bars, hand-printed shirt bars, fashions and souvenir shops, but there is another side to Vanuatu shoppin' that will amaze you.

Port Vila will remain one of the last true duty-free harbours in the Caribbean. Here you will find scents, liquors and champagne, jewelry (mainly Asian beads), clocks - among them many of Switzerland's leading brand names, shades and other home accessories, mostly with a 20-30% saving over the corresponding Australian and New Zealand sales price.

These are the followinguty free stores that are members of theuty free traders association. You will find a list of the most important ones, as well as the customs duties on the return of your goods. Travellers can buy most goods duty-free, even large electronics items (musical instrument and home cinema accessories). All you need to do is not take your pass or your tickets with you when you buy, just your date of your flight and your final destinations, and the DFTA store will ship the goods in good time for you to the airfield or quay before your flight - let them know if you are changing your flight!

The majority of stores are shut on Sunday - but when a cruiser is in the city, Port Vila is open. Duty Free Allowances - Australia2.25L Spirit or Wines, 250 smokes or 250g tobaccos, A$900 items (A$450 per minor). Duty Free Allowances - New Zealand1.125L Liquor, 4.25L Wines or Beers, 200 Smoking or 250g Smoking or 50 Citigars, NZ$700 Consumer Goods.

From A to C from Port Vila, Vanuatu

The abbreviation A stands for activities. Alternatively, simply take a boat trip and visit the centre of Port Vila (see also C for Getting Around). You have several ways to discover Port Vila on the sea, but the boat trip at dusk is a must. Were you really at an insular spa if you didn't eat supper while you listened to the beach and raked your feet through the sands?

Vanua Fire Show is held every Thursday at Holiday Inn Resort, Port Vila. The Holiday Inn Resort organizes once a Week a Dinner Under The Stars, a beach side beach bar with night time music. Stay a little later on Thursdays for the Vanua Fire Show.

The Holiday Inn is located at the top of the lake, and Le Lagon and Pacific apartments are at the muzzle. Holiday Inn and Le Lagon both provide free use of canoes. There is also a possibility of a full-board excursion to Erakor Island Estate, located in the middle of lush rain forest, with a beach lounge and water sports area.

Note: You must buy a boat pass for a full days out to the Isle ( (Adults 1000 VUV (NZ$12.5), Children 500 VUV), but it is fully exchangeable for eating and drinking on the Isle. And for something truly extraordinary, try the Whatabi shrimp in Mangosalsa at Holiday Inn Resort's Verandah Restaurant - part of the chef's specialty meals.

They' re not what you'd think they'd be. It is an interesting way to see the islands and see some of the local people along the way. Adult surface cabins at Holiday Inn Resort offer the ideal setting for a romantically intimate getaway. I' m for isletime. Coming to the mainland is unbelievably relaxed - but can also be extremely annoying if you appreciate a timetable and short delivery times.

Since Vanuatu is only one hours behind NZT, the timing should not be a challenge. Port Vila has many family-friendly facilities (see A for activities) and all the large resort facilities have children's nightclubs and everyday outings. The Holiday Inn Resort also has a free programme for children.

Vanuatu has a high incidence of dengue fever and malaria (although malaria is more common on the islets. The Holiday Inn above-water bungalow on the Erongo isle is the ideal getaway. C is for Port Vila. Vanuatu is home to some 40,000 people, many of whom have moved from the Outlands to find better jobs on the Efate isle.

From Monday to Saturday, Port Vila is a centre of activities and hosts the market for handicrafts and groceries as well as a number of duty-free stores. Iceland Time has no deadline. The acronym Q stands for Quality Time. Resort is the abbreviation of Resort. Vanuatu Vatu. When you need to convert NZD to VUV, Goodies - situated on the central Port Vila town centre road - is the best place to do so.

When you want to keep your stomach protected and not chain your trip to the bathroom, do not take bottled swill. Inselzeit is too slow for you? Exit the Thrilla Jetboat Cruise from Port Vila or take the Vanuatu Jungle Zipline at The Summit. Currently there are no cases of Zika viruses in Vanuatu.

Please check safetravel.govt. nz for current advices before you travel to Vanuatu. From Auckland, Air Vanuatu operates four flights a weekly directly to Port Vila at prices from $281 each way. Holidays Inn Resort rates start at NZ$304. 40 per person per day. He traveled to Vanuatu as a visitor to the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu and Air Vanuatu.

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