Whales in Tahiti

The whales of Tahiti

Each year, from August to October, Polynesian waters welcome many humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) that mate and give birth before returning to the South Pole. These whales can be seen in the Tahitian area during this time, individually or with their offspring. The humpback whales are the largest migratory marine mammals in the world. Humpback whales come to French Polynesia from Antarctica every year during the same period. First are sighted in June and the last ones leave our islands in early December.

Whales and Delphins in Tahiti

All year round (except during the whale season), come and see sharks play near the Tahitian Pass. For a while, you' ll be living with this beautiful and kind animal, just sitting there startling you. That meeting will be just an astonishing event that you will not soon forgotten, we ensure that !

Each year, from August to October, Polynesian Whales welcome many marsupials ( "Megaptera novaeangliae") that breed and give birth before they return to the Antarctic Ocean. These whales can be seen in the Tahitian area during this time, individually or with their heirs. With our indoor vessels and our dive guides and dive masters on board, we provide the best prerequisites for a secure rapprochement with a profound regard for the critters.

You can sometimes be fortunate and have an occasion to snorkel with some whales and their young. It was an memorable event! Whales can also be seen in a personal guided whale spot around Bora Bora during the year. Discover whale spotting in Tahiti through our history.

Humpback whale swim in Tahiti-booking now!

Snorkelling with us with mumpback whales in Tahiti! Personal guided small group trips in Moorea, with more free access to the sea. There are NO HIDDLE FEE, our all-inclusive package includes Tahitian-style seaside and backyard lodging, refreshing French-Tahitian cuisine, snorkelling with whales (and other astonishing sea animals), some recreational and airfield transfer services.

In 2016, after 18 years of swimming with whales in Tonga, we started new snorkeling trips with mumpback whales in Moorea, Tahiti. Now one of our committed and impassioned Tonga staff (and videographer) is taking every detail to provide the best bumpback adventure in Tahiti!

F: How long has Tahiti had whale watching experiences? One of Tahiti's major attractions is not to go hiking with mumpback whales, unlike Tonga, where there are several different things to do! Price: per person: 2019:'Magic mumpback whales in Tahiti | 9 nights & 8 x 4. 5 hours excursions on the whales' canoe.

The bungalows are shared by two people: Group Inclusions:: 9th day: Breakfast at the end of the trip transferred to the airfield or shuttle station. Sometimes we are on the sea with the whales from 7.30 am, on other occasions in the afternoon from 1 oo - 1.

You can enjoy other activities in your free day or just simply unwind. Notice: The Garden Bungalow are the same sizes and designs as the Strand Bungalow - they are only 30 seconds away from the sea and they are nice too! Bungalow with two bedrooms (2 x queen sized bed and open plan kitchen/living room): if available.

Inclusions of the tour: A 7 night luxury holiday cottage in Tahiti design with private bathroom, right on the outskirts of a wonderful blue Laguna. 7th day: Breakfast at the end of the trip transferred to the airfield or shuttle station. Sometimes we are on the sea with the whales in the mornings from 7.30 a.m., on other occasions it is in the afternoon from 1. oo - 1.

You will have 30 o'clock so that you have free to experience other activities or just simply unwind. Browse down for'About our tours' and information and pictures of our Moorea Beach Lodge accommodations. The Magenta is your guide for'Magic Bumpback Whales in Tahiti' trips. Since 1998 she has been bathing with mumpback whales and her affection and affection for these magnificent organisms, all sea animals, the conservation of our seas and the wild.

It has a wealth of information about humpbacks and many histories it has collected over the last 18 years. A professional native of Tahiti, Patea is fascinated by the oceans and their sea creatures. 25000 XPF per group per night (10 persons XPF 2500 or 8 persons XPF 3.125 per person) or 8000 XPF per persons per night (minimum 3 persons per group), including editorial and flash drive.

Full board & ferries to Moorea, 4 dinners, 4 lunch, lodging and transfer on the Tahiti Principal Isle, snorkel equipment, soft drinks and tourist insure. Full board & ferries to Moorea, 4 dinners, 6 lunch breaks, lodging and transfer on the Tahiti Principal Isle, snorkel equipment, soft drinks and tourist insure.

Whales and we are enthusiastic about what we do. As we know, diving into many different types of whaling encounter over a minimal of 7 x 4 - 4. A 5 hours excursion with the whales is the best way to enjoy this very private and deep pleasure.

And....do you know that once you have swam with them, once you have seen a cetacean, you will want to do it again and again, and you will not be able to take part in the trip without it; you will be insured within 14 working nights of your trip.

For more information please see Aquatic Skills (Required Experience): 15. UAVs may ONLY be used on our'Special Photography Tours with Michael Smith'. The Moorea is a 35-minute express boat or a brief 12-minute trip from the Tahiti Islands - where we take the whales for a dip! Tahiti's major airline base includes Air Tahiti Niu, Air New Zealand, Hawaiian Airline, Japanese Airline, American Airline, Air France & British Airways.

Faa'a is both an national and an internat. You don't have a large duty-free store, so buy your duty-free goods before you leave for Tahiti. When you arrive at Moorea, we suggest that you get enough of your own money for your stay, as it can be a challenging task to withdraw in Moorea.

When you want to get a locally available smart phone for your phone, we suggest you do this at the Aiport. You can find souvenirs, jewelry, handicrafts and a postal service in the area. You have 2 ways to get from the Tahiti to Moorea.

They are both simple, as Moorea is only 15 km from the Tahiti isle. And if you're fortunate, you can see some humpbacks along the way! With the airplane - Air Tahiti flies several times a day to Moorea and to the other islands in Polynesia. It is an 11-minute fly from Papeete to Moorea airfield - quick and painless!

You will find information about the type of travel in our travel preparation bulletin, which we will mail to you after confirming your travel reservation with a down payment. These will give you all the information you need (with good advice on your snorkeling equipment), but as a general rule, keep in mind that Tahiti is a relaxed, tropical place and lights, Casual Clothes is the most suitable. Sure.

Rental outfits will never be as good for you as your own, and as we've come all the way to swimming with the whales, we want you to have the best you can. You' ll snorkel every single working or 8 nights for 6 or 8 nights and good qualitiy, well fitted whale diving tackle will make your swimming with whales adventures so much better.

It is not mandatory to wear swimwear (wetsuits or snorkelling vests), but we strongly advise you to wear it when we swim with whales. Allows you to unwind and swim with the whales in the sea, protecting you from the heat of the summer and keeping you hot, in and out of the sea every single workday.

Wetsuits are available for whale swims for heat and uplift. The temperature of the waters ranges from 23 to 26° Celsius at the beginning of the summer months, so most individuals are comfortable with a 3mm short-sleeved neoprene suit, but if you really are feeling the coldness, you should have a full 3mm neoprene suit.

They can be ordered when you make your reservation - the price is AUD$70 plus shipping. We' re sending them to you because we can't take them to Tahiti. Please note: our waistcoats cannot be rented in Tahiti. When you have not yet arrived in Polynesia, it can be a challenge to choose which accomodation you would like to reserve on your return or spend a few additional nights in a beautiful place!

Below are 2 real estate near Fa'aa International Airport (since we know that many flights are arriving in the evening or at midnight, we have put together a few real estate that we have either remained nearby, which we are only a few mins away. For a 4 or 5 star waterfront booking, go to http://www.trivago. com/ and type Papeete, French Polynesia for your look.

These resorts are all close to the international airports and the Fraerry-Terminals. Tahiti International Motel is situated in front of Tahiti Faa'a International Airports. There is a panorama look over the Laguna and the island Moorea. It is 5 km from the international airports. The Tahiti Airports Motel has an elevators.

It is possible to walk from the aiport to the city. Australian-born Anita will welcome you at home for an unforgettable time. The Farehau is 1.7 km from the Aiport. For you we can arrange a cab to the boathouse, hire cars office, from/to the airfield, dependent on your domestic or foreign flight.

The transfer is part of the cost of your trip and we will make sure that Jo, our cabbie, is expecting you when you book. Keep in mind that you might want to check into Moorea Beach Lodge after the 1st (if you want to have a cup of good quality coffe, you will need to order a full cup of warm running cafe!

You have to be in shape, safe in the sea and able to go snorkeling well. Climbing into and out of the sea we sometimes go snorkeling fast up to 100m and sometimes with the whales in chop-chop.

Their dexterity and self-confidence will decide whether our guide will let you in the whales. Though humpbacks are 12 - 15 meters long and about 40 tons heavy, they are soft and know us very well in the canals. They' ll even let their 5m long flippers fall or turn their caudal fins to stay away from us as we pass.

It' very important for you to know that some of the whale watching in the sea can take place in very shallow waters and far from-shore. In case you have the feeling that your swim and snorkel abilities could be enhanced, or that you are a little disabled, we recommend that you sign up for a snorkeling course and enhance your swim ability and your physical condition before participating in your trip to ensure the best possible face-off.

Frenchspeaking Polynesia rules allow more than 10 persons and a leader in the whales' waters at any given moment, but with our 18 years of whaling experiences, it doesn't make any difference whether 4 or 15 persons are in the waters at the same moment, it's about how we act about the whales.

That means that every year you are in the whales' waters and have the chance for many meetings in the waters during our 4 - 4. Five and a half hour on the whale's whale watching over the 6 or 8 day period. You' ll also have plenty of free play fun at first hand.

When we take good charge of them and have the unbelievable prerogative of being with them in their worlds, we can often see extensive meetings. Whales make decisions and if they rely on us, they often remain longer. Because we know that it allows you to spend several nights with the same group of humans to know how best to deal with the whales and allows us to maximize your chance of astonishing meetings, we are offering packages with a min. of 6 nights on the ocean.

Also we make sure that we use only the best boats and have the best skippers and guides. The best way to meet a good whaler is to let the whales get used to the ship and to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Maire Tema'u, our captain and whale watching tour operator from Tahiti, has been taking whales into the sea for 18 years and has a very strong respectfor. This is because we have the opportunity to educate our visitors on how best to be in the whales and we have several day to go swimming with them.

It' more difficult for the day-trip vessels, because they usually accelerate to the whales, dropping 15 - 25 persons all into the waters at the same moment, all crawling on top of each other to be at the front, which can scare the whales very easy. Therefore, they have little training and are under great stress to supply the webs so that the webs can be volatile.

When you come all the way to Moorea, Tahiti, you need to take as many as possible of those few extra hours to enjoy being together with the whales. The whaling seasons in Moorea last from mid-August to the end of November. The majority of our weather is sunshine; some of our weather is overcast. Some of our weather is wet and breezy.

You will want to have a windbreaker so that you feel good on the yacht as we circumnavigate the islands to the northwest. It is 25+C (77+F). It is the best place in Polynesia for meeting mumpback whales, as many of the humpbacks are born on this lv.

Snorkeling is the only way to keep up with the whales, as they don't like blisters, and it's difficult to keep up with the whales on SCUBA. Because of the islands geography (very high mountains!) we are able to work in most circumstances, as the western side of the islands is protected from the predominant wind.

We' ll go swimming with the whales under most circumstances, the whales don't seem to be affected by the climate and the oceans at all. We' re looking for the whales in the quiet, western side of the open ocean - most of our 4-4. We have a very large area of sunshaded comfort.

The ease of acces to the sea and the stable stepladder - with broad stairs - makes it possible to get on the ship easily. I can take a warm bath, have a meal or just enjoy the beautiful view of the sundown. Plenty of space for 8 persons plus team and good solar shading and simple entrance and exiting the canal.

On some of the day there is the possibility to go swimming with blacktip shark and ray or to meet the big spinner dolphin in the Haapiti Laguna. It is a nice 25C - 27C during the whaling time. Since 1999, our Tahiti antelier and our leader, Maire Temau'u, has been taking wall fans along to the hump and protecting them so that all his visitors can enjoy these unbelievable and magnificent soft coves.

Maire's bro Tere'e, his skipper and yacht driver is the ship, while Maire leads us through the whales. Moorea Lodge is situated on the western side of Moorea Island, on a golden sand shore overlooking the blue Laguna and set in a beautiful lush greenery.

Each bungalow (4 Beach Bungalows & 6 Garden Bungalows (photo right) has A/C, a queen sized double berth, a couch that can be converted into 2 twin berths (except the Honeymoon Bungalow - if available on request), a ventilator, a small fridge with a cupboard for tee and coffe, a closet, a personal safety deposit box, a bath room with showers and a separate terrace.

The Moorea Lodge also has a sundeck. There is a privately owned area on the sea and free use of bikes is possible. Explore the Laguna under and over the sea or in the dark blues with the Moorea Fun Dive Centre, which is directly reachable from the shore.

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