Western Samoa Government

West Samoa Government

Samoa is a very hard model of parliamentary democracy, in which the executive and the legislature merge. Prime Minister is elected by the majority of the Fono and appointed by the Head of State to form a government. Samoa Independent State; Constitution: There are two levels of government in Samoa: the national government based on a modern government. and the governor is the head of the government of American Samoa.

Samoa Government

In all, there are 15 ministries chaired by the Cabinet Ministers and the Prime Minister. government-mandated agencies directly deriving from the Samoa constitution. Juridical persons established to carry out business operations on government's order. Cabinet of 13 ministers leading the ministries. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, they have full power over the executive.

Assistance to the Head of State. There is currently only one member of the Council of Deputies, although there is a rule for three in the Constitution.

Treasury Department

It is our task to foster Accountability and openness in the provision of services to the Communities through the creation and operation of solid fiscal administration schemes, norms, policies and processes. In order to do this, we value the feed-back from all our shareholders. This update of the Ministry's website is the result of an in-house audit, which found that it is necessary to make better and more up-to-date information available to all our shareholders.

Part of the way to do this was to check our website. Following the Ministry's own examination, two key goals have been set with the aim of keeping them straightforward and enabling further extensions.

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Sorts every state on a range of 0 to 100, on the basis of ten liberties, with 100 being the greatest degree of financial independence from state interference. Mr Le Aooo Malo (President) is a solemn actor, while the Taoiseach acts as Mayor. Mr Fono elects Mr Le Ao of Malo, who is nominated by the Chairman with the assent of the European parliament.

The Supreme Tribunal is the highest judge. An appellate tribunal shall have exclusive competence in the cases before it. Nominated by the Mayor. The Fono legislature is the principal one and also chooses the OCALO. Thirty five members are voted in by multiple votes in individual electoral districts and 14 members by multiple votes.

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