West Coast Map

Map of the West Coast

Locate ski resorts on the West Coast. You can use the drop-down menus on our interactive BC Coastal Map to customize your search for information about boating on the wild west coast of British Columbia. Online-Maps and GIS-Data The West Coast Regional Council, in cooperation with the Buller District Council, recently reconstructed our mappingservice. Now the first stage of the new stage is open to the general public. 3.

We' ve also uploaded new air photos for the Buller and Grey Districts taken in 2015/16. When you use ArcGIS or a compliant GIS environment, you can use the following link to our ArcGIS servers:

West Coast and Cederberg - Map of the West Coast and Cederberg

West Coast is a land of great contrasts and beautiful. More than 400 km from east to west, the area and its inhabitants provide the visitor with lots of sun and a wide range of unexpected tourist attractions. In the west, the area is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Its lonely coast's natural beauties are only defied by the abundance of seasonal food adventures with blue mussel, oyster, calamari, crab and monoalone, or line fish that are drawn from the cool water of the Benguela Current and roasted to produce gild.

Furthermore, every year from July migratory migrants start visiting the coast water. To the east forms a mountain range with intriguing, often impressive crags. Cedarberg' s wilderness provides the visitor with a personal experience of the natural environment in its most pristine form, as well as dramatic pre-dating of the rocks of the earth as we know it.

Bordering the mountain, lies Mount Schwartland, famous for its hilly grain meadows, vines, vineyards as well as open-air pursuits. Farther northerly, the visitor encounters the fruitful Olifants River Valley and the wide Knersvlakte plain with its richness of native succulents. Olifant's River Valley is intensely farmed with an accent on lemon fruit and other fruit, vegetable and grape.

On the west coast and its hinterlands you will find interesting places to visit such as musea, memorials and missions. The hostel provides a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports including exploring a fossilized reserve, hang-gliding, parachuting, 4x4 cycling, water sports and walking. During springtime, the area is covered with rugs of game from the coast to the hills.

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