Wellington Nature Reserve

Natural Reserve Wellington

The Top Wellington Parks & Nature Attractions: Wellington Western Cape nature reserves: Items from It is known for its art, cultural events and drinks, but the "coolest little capitol in the world" is also a indigenous one. Quiet walks through the indigenous shrubs or along a sandy gold sandy shore are just a few short steps from downtown Wellington Town. Guests can unwind on the beloved riverside promenade, discover the jagged south coast, wander through countless regionals, have picnics in nearby garden and take in the panorama view of a town surrounded by harbor and hills.

Let Mt Victoria Lookout and Te Ahumairangi Hill guide you. You also have a great outlook from the top of the Wellington Cable Cart. You' ll be part of the story of the redesign. The Wellington Cable Cars come from the centre of Wellington's prime commercial district, Lambton Quay, and you will find yourself in the Wellington Botanic Garden, full of over 26 ha of tropical forest, indigenous shrubs and colorful flower arrangements.

Wellington is the only botanical gardens devoted exclusively to indigenous flora - see an 800-year-old Romu plant and toes on the Canopy Walkway near Otari-Wilton's Bush. Explore the jagged south coast and see the seals in a 10 minutes car ride from Wellington city centre.

Booking a trip to the award-winning veterinary clinic The Nest. A little further away you will find the Staglands Wildlife Reserve and the Pukaha Mt Bruce. It is also possible to stay a whole evening in a nature reserve on Kapiti Island. One of the best and simplest ways to get around Wellington is on walking.

Wellnessington is home to a range of nature and animal activities, from eco-sanctuaries to kiwifruit-spots.

Wellnessington is home to a range of nature and animal activities, from eco-sanctuaries to kiwifruit-spots. There are many near the center of the town. Maybe an old Tuatara up-close experience? All of these nature and animal adventures - and more - can be found in the Wellington area. Kapiti and Matiu and Matiu Sunes, the predator-free archipelago, offer immersed walks through the local scrub and nocturnal kiwis in the great outdoors.

There is also a sealing settlement just 20 km from the center of Wellington, and Wellington Zoo is home to a number of intriguing and dangerous critters.

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