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Bora Bora week

One week in Bora Bora. All you have to do is pack your swimsuit! a week of deluxe in Bora Bora You can take an eight-hour night from Los Angeles to Tahiti. Take a 45-minute plane ride to Bora Bora. Staying five-night on the private, secluded and deluxe Sofitel Bora Bora Private Isle.

For the best prices you combine your holiday in a deluxe chalet on the islands for three days and two days in a deluxe surface mansion.

There is a buffet breakfasts, transfer and mini bar with 2 beer, 2 refreshments, one still and one mineralogue. Depart Los Angeles/Tahiti from Los Angeles to Tahiti on a night-time (...) day 1. 2-Tahiti-Bora BoraTransfer to the home base and 45 minute flights to Bora Bora.

This offer is limited to a 5 overnight period. The tourist taxes of $3 per guest per day are not inclusive and are payable directly at the hotels. If the flight or accommodation prices are booked out at the moment of booking, the next fare stage applies. $200 per passenger flight exchange charge, plus other fines and charges for hotels and overhauls.

Accommodation updates, extra overnight stays, renewals to all other isles, and extra prices from various U.S. destinations are available. SOITEL MOOREA AND BORA BORA AT LUNCH! A non-stop eight-hour Los Angeles-Tahiti service and enjoy a free bed and breakfasts overnight at the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort.

The next morning you take a brief fly to Moorea and stay four nights..... Use this offer and travel to New Zealand and Tahiti. Stay three nights in the capitol and explore the beauties.....

Cook for 2 weeks (trip to Tahiti????) - Bora Bora Forum

In March my hubby and I took a 2-week rest to Reutonga and Åitutaki (thanks to some reduced flier points). We' ve stayed 4 overnight in Åitutaki and the rest on the island of Århus, but now we're returning to the island of Århus for 4nights.

Moorea and Bora Bora, which would be better? Perhaps you would like to remain longer in Aitutaki, because the laguna is the second largest after Bora Bora and provides a wonderful aquatic adventure in pure turquoise colour. It is a lovely place to live more on.

The Moorea is beautiful and easily reached from Papeete by boat or a fast seven min fly. The Bora Bora Bora will increase your travelling times as the trip takes about 40 min. each way and is costly. Situated on the Laguna and Moorea is full of activity and is a very scenic and busy isle.

Anyway, I sincerely wish you a great journey. Greetings, hello, unless this is your only way to come to Tahiti, I would just remain on the Cook Islands all the while. maybe you will see a 3. Aitutaki is so nice that Rarotonga is a little disappointed) This is exactly how we first went to Tahiti, thought it would be a once in a life journey.

Cia 0rana! p.s Be sure to remain in a surface Bungalow while in BB...you pity it if you don't!

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