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A" climate of change" in Samoa. Alerts for extreme weather conditions. Meteorology is the official warning office for tropical cyclones in Samoa. A further problem was that the Weather Service Office (WSO) in. Refer to current watches, warnings and notes for American Samoa, published by the National Weather Service.

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Alerts for travelers? In general very unkind, racial abuse on both isles. I' ve traveled through Africa and Asia and found things like stealing happening, but it was quite a surprise to see that hoteliers and hosting often were to blame. Alerts for travelers? You' d do well to study the remainder of these boards, as it's far from my experiences there.

Yeah, there are lots of strays there, but they weren't a big deal when I was there, remember I wasn't looking for them! 2. can't commented on the stealing, because I've never known one. It' s not a stone's throw if I've been there, although I've been hearing of children hurling rocks at visitors when they race through their village in their rented cars when they're not to.

I' ve never even known them to reuse pins, but I don't think they would. Like I said before, take the liberty of reading some of the messages in this forums and I am sure that you will be pleased to come to Samoa and if you can deal with travel in Asia and Africa, then this will really be a vacation.

Alerts for travelers? You would have seen these postings in the Thorn Tree forums on the Lonely Planet website. These are the positions I'm considering, they've been here forever. In Apia there can be many hounds at nights, according to where you are.

If you are in trouble, take a cab and be cautious. that would confirm that. Thievery - it can occur anywhere. I' ve remained in many Samoan houses for many years, and I've never had anything taken, not even from an insecure fall on the sands.

As a rule, Samoa offers very good health care. I' ve never seen or seen a needle used before. When you need to get care in Apia, go to MedCen Hospitals, which is the best for overseas, and it is much calmer than Moto'otua Hospitals, which is mainly used by its people.

Be open-minded and not too worried about a few contributions on a website. Check out some of the boards here (and the reviews) and see if you can find some good positives to look forward to before you get there. Alerts for travelers? We' ve been there 5 more and more and more - it's beautiful, the isle is breathtaking, there's plenty to see and experience, there' s amazingly kind and relaxed atmosphere. We've never had a dog issue, but like she said, it all comes down to where you are when there seem to be more of them.

I' ve seen an improvement in the current situation and the state of the dog over the years. stealing - well, I'd be reasonable with your stuff, but we only had one issue when my man got out of the street and fished and came back to find his pocket!

I' m always reasonable with my own cameras, I always take them with me. I've never had a rock cast at me or even been greeted by the Samoans as unkind to the tourist, be kind and savour this wonderful area. The Samoans are very proud of her.

I have been to the infirmary (I am a nurse/midwife) on tour with midwives who work there voluntarily, and work with ddrs who have worked in samoa and they have never mentions reusing pins. if you need to just make sure medical care when things are opened from aseptic wrap. i know at some of the smaller infirmaries they run things from out and therefore you are recommending in the city.

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