Waterfalls in Oahu

Oahu Waterfalls

Have a look at our list of top waterfalls on Oahu. A few visitors to Oahu won't make it beyond Waikiki. This is an overview of the waterfalls on Oahu Island. Surprisingly, only a handful of families dribbled by on my leisurely walk to Oahu's most accessible waterfall. O'ahu Rock and Waterfall Company.

Best waterfall walks in Oahu, HI (photos)

Some of the best parts of a wet Hawaiian daily are - obviously - the rain bows, but walking to a cascade after a big rain fall is a can-do second. We' ve completed our most popular Oahu Falls walks, from simple walks to adventure walks... so put on your feet, fill yourself up with insect repellents, and set off to the rain forest for some screen-saving photographs.... and/or zen-esque education.

Situated in the Waimea Valley, this cascade walk is situated in a botanic garden, along with tourist attraction and touring. You will have to prepay to get to this falls, but with your entrance pass you will have entrance to a cobbled path with a 45 foot fall, where you can bathe in the fresh water swimming pools with dressing room, free buoyancy aids and a rescue swimmer on-call.

Coming from Waikiki, take the H-1 Highway west. Take the H-2 Highway, then the Kamehameha Highway. Take a right onto Waimea Valley Road and leave your car in the city centre car parking area. The Lulumahu Falls, which are on board the water supply, require permission for entry to this walk, and the trail is bumpy and slippery, but it's rewarding.

Cross a thick wood of wooded trees, through the remains of King Kamehameha III's house and continue along the brook to the 50-foot waterfalls. Coming from Waikiki take the H-1 Highway East and drive onto the Pali Highway. At Nuuanu Pali Dr turn off and take the country lane. Hawaii' kingdom once floated here, but the place didn't get its, um, notable name until early 1900, when indigenous teenagers renamed the swimming pools after a near-by jackass and yellows of almonds.

Coming from Waikiki take the H-1 Highway East and drive onto the Pali Highway. Bend at Nuuanu Pali Dr. Parking is restricted, but you can parking next to the Judd Trail signs as long as you do not obstruct the door. This 3 mile long, wind-side bend is a relatively brief and light walk that leads to a 20-foot fall with a steep swim pit where floats alternate to dive into the underlying fresh water basin.

Like many waterfalls, this trail is particularly slippery, so get ready to get your walking boots and rugs soiled. Coming from Waikiki take the H-1 Highway East and drive onto the Pali Highway. Take a right onto Auloa Rd and leave your vehicle at the roadside in the area.

One of the most favourite walks is for several reasons: it is near Waikiki and very simple. Walkers only need to cover a well groomed 1. 6 mile path to get to a magnificent 150-foot falls that flows down a solid crag. Though, with large, easily accessible fame comes great pedestrian down.

However, apart from the many instagram pictures, this spectacular cascade is still definitely a worthwhile visit. Coming from Waikiki, heading west, take the H1 to the Wilder junction. Use the Paradise for $5 or the area. The walk to this secret cascade leads past the picturesque Nuuanu Pali Lookout, where King Kamehameha unified the Hawaii islands and ended a inter-island battle forcefully coercing hundred of troops over the 1,000-foot rock.

You drive down an old cobbled street, through a motorway tunnel and a treetop before you climb an old cobbled track that takes you to a modest waterfall surrounded by cascades of cuckoo and house saplings. Coming from Waikiki take the H-1 Hwyest and drive onto the Pali Hwy to Nuuanu Pali Lookout and leave your car at the Pali Lookout area.

When you have four-hour time and fancy a 7-mile walk, go to the north-eastern side of the peninsula and get permission from the Hawaii Reservation at the Laie Shopping Center. A moderately steep walk leads you up hill through expansive crest and tree-lined areas of strawberries, pines and bamboos before you are rewarded with a peaceful country lane that leads to a 15-foot two-stage cascade that flows into a buoyant pools.

Coming from Waikiki, take the H-1 Highway west. At the Polynesian Cultural Centre, drive northbound on the Kamehameha Highway. Don't park at the soccer pitch on Poohaili St. This 8 mile long walk begins in an open crest along the Koolau Range and demands walkers to jump over 20 jumps through the Koloa Stream, past local vegetation, orchards, a small cascade and a swimmingpool before you get to a forking.

Dare to the lefthand to a small cascade and swimming Pool, or to the right where you will walk past smaller swimmingpools before you arrive at a Split-Level-Waterfall. But before you start your adventures, get a permission in the amateur shopping center and some refreshments and waters for the all-day outing. Use the Likelike Highway to Kahekili Highway, which becomes Kamehameha Highway and head to Kokololio Beach Park.

Hidden near a dead end, this neighbourhood trek has often been described as a beginner, but don't be fooled by the 3-mile round tour that it's a stroll in the nature reserve -- after all, there's a climb known as Cardiac Hill for a reason. As soon as you have reached the end, your jogging quad bikes will be awarded with a stepped cascade that merges into a buoyant basin whose water level depends on the amount of rain.

In order to get to the swimming pool, you have to drive Spiderman down a small, cliffy cliff over a cable, where you can enjoy a well-deserved stay in the swimming Pool.... before you set off again. Coming from Waikiki, take the H-1 Highway west towards Pearl City and take Moanalua Rd.

Take Waimano Home Rd and turn lefthand into Komo Mai Dr and parking in the area. A 90-foot cascade welcomes you after you've crossed the creek almost more than your legs can do. On Kamehameha Highway towards Hauula, past the Polynesian Cultural Centre to Kokololio Beach-Playpark.

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