Washington Island South Pacific

South Pacific Washington Island

These are a list of many of the most important Pacific islands, organized by archipelago or political units. Also see the complete list of islands in Tonga). A vision statement for the Washington Islands National Wildlife Refuges: Kent, Washington. The Teraina is an island in the Line Island group near the equator in the South Pacific.

Isle of Teraina | Isle, Kiribati

This is Teraina Island, formerly Washington Island or Prospect Island, the Northern Line Islands core island, part of Kiribati, in the western Pacific Ocean. It is 9 mile (.14 km) long, climbs to about 3 meters (10 feet) and has a fresh water pond at its east end. In 1889 it was annihilated by Great Britain, admitted to the colony of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands in 1916 and incorporated into the Kiribati Islands in 1979.

During the first half of the twentieth c., the archipelago was under the ownership of a co-production group. The Teraina is supporting a large colony of Kuhl's loryet, a threatened to extinct as parrots. Surface area 4 sq. km (10 sq. km).

Kiribati Isles

The Kiribati (pronounced kee-ree-bass), an insular state in the South Pacific, is made up of 33 islets spread over more than 3,500,000 sqkm. km. Located along the Ecuadorian and separated by the River 180th, Kiribati is split into three groups of islands: the Gilbert Isles, the Phoenix Isles and the Line Isles, in this order from western to eastern.

Banaba, the most eastern of the Kiribati archipelago, is very different from the other 32. Kiribati's islets are all reefs, i.e. they are almost entirely shallow and have a lagoon. The Banaba is an elevated isle with a height of up to 80 metres, while the atols are usually only a few metres high.

During a three-quarter centur y when Kiribati was still a Brit niccolony, Ocean Island, as the Brits called Banaba, was dismantled to use it as fertiliser. The Gilbert and Ellice Islands colonies became two distinct countries in 1979, when the gas was depleted: Tuvalu and Kiribati.

Soon Kiribati added the mostly uninhabitated archipelagos Phoenix and Line to its Atlantis-protfolio. Twenty-two of the 33 archipelagoes are populated, the others are designated as nature reserves.

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