Warhammer 40k Tau Lore

War Hammer 40k Tau Lore

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Box 1507. Well, as much as I love the lore, my relationship to the game hasn't always been great. Relative strength of tradition, not the strength of the army in the tabletop or something.

About the Dew Empire, Warhammer 40k Lore

The Warhammer 40k Lore, 80 facts about the Tau Empire, in this movie we hear 80 facts about the Tau Empire of the Warhammer 40000 University. We' re getting the answers to things like how big is dew, why do dew have a big padded shoulders, where did the etheric cast come from? all this and more on this film.

The Gathering Goodness:

40k Warhammer Tradition Tau Empire:: To chaos

Dew has a box system, there are five boxes; the Firebox, the Earthbox, the Waterbox, the Airbox and last but not least the Ethericbox. Fire box is the army and takes care of all dew-ground wars, the earth box is the imperial engineer and scientist, the water box is the diplomat and ambassador of the imperium, the aerial box controls the navy of space ships and aerial assistance troops of the imperium, the etheric box is the reigning box and the imperial spiritual rulers their words are laws and are followed without a doubt.

The dew, from the Earth caste's lowliest worker to the highest naval commander, see that every member of their realm is contributing to the great good and sacrificing them unnecessarily does nothing and is a barbarous squandering of inanimity. Tauism, the Tau-Philosophie, is named Tau'va or the Great Good, this Philosophie is important for all facets of the Tau-emperium.

There are many types of Tau members within its boundaries, including some people. Known as the Gue'vesa (literally "human helper") of the dew, these people are equal to the dew and have the same privileges and duties as any other member of the Roman Empire. Whilst the voluntary affiliation to the Tau-Imperium is not unknown, the overwhelming bulk of the Gue'vesa living today were still in the Tau-Imperium.

Most of the Gue'vesa living today are the offspring of these primitive prisoners of war who were incorporated into the Tau empire over two hundred years ago. There is a sacred, manifesting purpose for the dew empire to rule the universe, but history will tell whether it will be successful and whether the star will be mastered or failed and wiped out forever.

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