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Inquire from an expert: Getting the most out of Hawaii Q. I am looking forward to going to Hawaii next year, because many of my fans were and are enthusiastic! Hawaii is a real vacation spot and certainly has something for everyone! Oahu is home to Honolulu, the main home of the islands of Hawaii, and the famed Waikiki Beach.

Surfing courses are available in front of Hilton in Waikiki Beach, and are suitable for all skill level. Stay on Friday night at 7.45 pm for the Waikiki Fireworks Light Up The Sky show, which is spectaculair! Drive to Big Island (Hawaii) to see the volcanos from Kona.

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If you fly to Honolulu, most people go directly to the international known Waikiki Beach, probably the most popular place in Hawaii. A number of windsurfing colleges are on the spot, among them the happy and welcoming school. Take a cable car ride through the rain forests for an exciting hawaiian adventure. As an alternative, the Waikiki tank offers a captivating underwater world with monks seal, kite and a large exhibition of lunar marmals.

Whalewatching tours, dive and snorkeling tours and also loved on the Hawaiian isles. With a height of 3976 ft, the Mauna Key Summit is one of the highest peaks on the island. Our Hawaii flight offers you all this and more.

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"After an in-depth discussion of the topic, the HRNZ executive committee was of the opinion that the stallion is a "New Zealand horse" and should be qualified like other New Zealand ponies. Using our Waikiki Beach excluded, HRNZ quickly moves to invit three-year-old Heza Bromac the NSW to the Waikiki Outreach. The interest of the Austrians is very high in other Jewel division, especially in the four-year Trob, despite the attendance of the superstar-kiwi couple Monbet and Speeding Spur.

Three Aussies who have shown interest are last season's winner Reina Danzante and Illawong Armstrong and Eljaykay Phoenix.

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