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Waihola is located between Dunedin and Milton, New Zealand in Otago, on the South Island of New Zealand. Waihola Lake, Waipori Lake and its wetlands are the most important habitat for waterfowl in Otago. Turn CYC Waihola into your great school or youth group camp destination. The Black Swan Cafe and Waihola Motel plus gift shop. Forecast for the weather in Waihola, Otago (New Zealand).

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Waihola is located between Dunedin and Milton, New Zealand, in Otago, on the South Island of New Zealand[3] It is near the south-eastern shores of the flat tide pond that bears his name.... Waihola is an analogy to the term wai-hora, which means "water spreading". Waihola is not officially named by the NZ Geographic Names Board.

Situated on State Highway 1, the city is crossed by the South Island Main Trunk Railway, although the train no longer stops. It is situated within the Clutha district. From Dunedin, 35 km northerly, Waihola is a favourite excursion spot and the site of many aquatic activities such as boating, sailing and canoeing.

"Waihola Waipori Wetlands, covering 2175 hectares, is one of the biggest and most important wetlands in New Zealand. It' is a rich and high productivity eco-system that sustains endangered ecosystems such as the huge cocopu and the South Island Fernbird. This marshland is of great importance to Kai Tahu and an important "hunting and angling area" (Lake Waihola Waipori Wetlands Society).

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